Last Week in Caracas

My last week in Caracas was quite full, trying to squeeze everything in last minute. Monday was a run-errands day with my day. We went to the bank (which took forever! I really dislike bank or governmental errands), made a few errand-calls (thank God for phones and people who are willing to pick them up and be efficient about answering your questions), and went to La Gitana, a great place to buy pepitos, chiclets, cocosettes and pirulines by the bulk, to bring back to NYC. I actually had completely forgotten about this and didn’t have snack-buying on my list, but my dad, being the savior and sweet tooth guy he is, came to the rescue!

Tuesday morning I had to go to Fundayacucho to settle my contract/payment with them. This, being a governmental errand, was very interesting. As it turns out, since the president declared that all who owed this organization from past student loans would now be exonerated of pay, they decided to close up the accounts department and pile the files in some dead-files place at their central office. The guy who I talked to had no idea of my case, and of course had no file to look at to verify that what I was saying was true, and the bank statement he had in his screen (newly updated apparently) only showed movement up to September 03. Anyway, that is still pending, I need to follow up with calls sometime next week to see if I can get my exoneration letter and finally cross this off my to-do list (it’s been on it for over a year).

In the afternoon I picked up my friend Crebe and we went to Boleita Center. I had to return a gift and since it’s a mall and all we did some window shopping and some eating at the food court. But what we mostly did was some serious talking and catching up. I so miss my friends!

Wednesday was pamper-me day. I went to get a mani and a pedi and then off to lunch with my mom at El Tartufo. Very good Italian food. I had salmon risotto and my mom had gnoquis 4 quesos. Delicious! After lunch I stopped by the university to run some more bank errands and then went with my mom to visit Mari Carmen, my old boss and one of my mom’s good friends who works with her at Universidad Metropolitana. Mari Carmen just bought a new house and the view is incredible! Really it’s mesmerizing, you just can’t stop looking. It’s on a hill so the view of the valley, the city in all it’s glory, is absolute and breathtaking. The house is beautiful as well. God bless it!

At night it was high school reunion time. A bunch of school and high school friends have found each other through Facebook and had decided to get together Wednesday night at 9:00 pm at Whisky Bar in El San Ignacio. Although about 18 people had said they would go, only 6 of us showed up, all girls except for Humberto. Take a look.

The night started with a little wine

And a ton of pictures!

The girls

Humberto and Marisela

Humberto and the Girls

It was a lot of fun catching up, getting to know who had gotten married, divorced, had kids, moved abroad, live somewhere else, was working where, etc. Equally fun was remembering mischievousness from school and trips to the beach. I’m telling you I miss my friends!

Thursday was a last minute errands day and packing. My sister had left everything apparently, and I had to come to the rescue. Two big suitcases and one little one later, I was all set.

Friday morning my parents drove me to the airport and off I went, back to NYC and to my routine. It was a good trip back, good food, good service, and take a look at the view!

The airport from the plane’s window

Getting farther

Venezuela’s northern coast and the Caribbean Sea

An island to the north of Venezuela, maybe Aruba?

Maybe Curacao?

It was a great trip all around. I truly enjoyed spending a month there with friends and family. Thanks mom and dad for inviting me!


12 responses to “Last Week in Caracas

  1. Wow, it looks like you had a great time. It really is good to go home and catch up. Let me know when we can get that coffee!!

  2. glad you’re back! Let’s get together soon!

  3. These are wonderful times for you, and wonderful memories… This is life- the moment you are living.. Good for you!

  4. Yay for mani and pedi appointments! Makes a girl feel so spoiled and pampered! hee..hee..Gorgeous photos. I’m *so* jealous!!

  5. not so little woman – It was a very good time, I’m glad I went. Yes, indeed, lets get that coffee soon!emily – lets!!! Soon before the madness starts again!buffalodickdy – the here and now, for sure it’s the life!pinkpiddypaws – yay indeed!!! You should plan a trip, Venezuela is definitely worth visiting!

  6. I always enjoy your pictures! Sounds like you had a great vacation. It’s great to have the time to catch up and relax a little.

  7. That sounds absolutely fabulous and looks even better. I’m rather cold today, and anywhere which doesn’t require winter jackets seems fantastic…

  8. Bienvenida a NYC..que ricas vacaciones, que envidia…

  9. ¡Wow! Un mes en casa siempre es bueno para recargar las pilas y empezar otra vez.

  10. what a wonderful trip with wonderful food! welcome back to new york city!

  11. What a wonderful way to end your trip. Looks like you had an amazing time, and welcome back to NYC!

  12. passionista – thanks 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy them. It was a great time indeed. sandra – I know the feeling, I’m already cold myself!pillo – gracias!!triple – totalmente cargadas!pinknest – thank you Pinknest!joe – thanks Joe!

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