My weekend update

My weekend was a good one. Relaxing, fun and filled with good food. What more can a girl ask for?

Friday I spent the entire day home reading in bed! Yep, that’s right, THE ENTIRE DAY. It was awesome!

Saturday I went with Tom to the UCV (Universidad Central de Venezuela) to buy some movies and computer programs. We then had lunch in an arepera in Las Mercedes. I had a craving for Cachapa con Queso de Mano and the one they served me was delicious. Tom had a Parrilla, which is barbequed chicken, meat, chorizo, morcilla and a side of fries. It was a LOT of food. After lunch we went to Tom’s place to watch a movie, but a little laundry debacle grabed our attention and we had to cut the movie short.

Sunday I went with my parents and cousin Cory to check out some new constructions in Colinas de Macaracuay. My aunt Tere bought an apartment there, and my parents in their constant trying to get me to move back home, wanted me to take a look. My parents are so funny, sometimes I think that they put more effort in their campaigning than any politician. As of late they have offered a new car and an apartment to lure me into coming back. You can’t blame them, they just miss me. But I still have to do some dissertation writing and some job searching before I make any decisions. So no down payments for me yet, thank you very much!

After the sales pitch we went to have a late lunch at La Cita, in La Candelaria. This is one of the best Spanish food restaurants in Caracas, and it truly lived up to it’s fame. The food was superb! We had Pulpo a la Gallega, Camarones al Ajillo, Pescado a la Sal, Callos, and my cousin Cory ordered Cosido. It was so much food we ate some of it for lunch today. Excellent really, if you’re ever in Caracas you have to go.


12 responses to “My weekend update

  1. Insisto en lo que dije ya varias veces, ¡se nota que con tu familia uno la pasa bien y come mejor!

  2. “I had a craving for Cachapa con Queso de Mano…”And now I think I do, too. (Not that I’m even 100% sure what it is, but still.)

  3. Mmm… ya me dio hambre…mucha

  4. Your parents love and miss you. Youcan do great deeds anywhere- even in your own backyard… What kind of car are they offering? 🙂

  5. oh goodness you are eating ridiculously well there!! i’m so jealous! sounds like so much fun.

  6. Que delicia, explica que es Cachapa con Queso de Mano..oye como que tu y Tom salen mucho no? a ver que traes entre manos???

  7. It certainly does sound like they’re trying to recruit you. Good food, good friends, an apartment…All that NY has at the moment is cold weather…oh, and a collapsing investment banking industry.

  8. a hectic and fun weekend you have.

  9. ooo… I LOVE a day spent in bed reading! Hope it was a great book. :)…sigh…I want good Spanish food! I have to settle for Tapas places here and it’s just not the same. No one here can make Sangria just right. Peh!

  10. Mujer, lo único que hiciste fue comer. Buen provecho 🙂

  11. I need one of those weekends.

  12. I just had a similar weekend visiting a friend in Leamington – lots of nice food, chats putting the worlds to right, and chocolate! Oh and red wine. mmmmm. Sounds like a good weekend? x

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