Makeup Monday – Ulta Haul

A new video is up on my YouTube channel, this one is a shopping haul I made on beauty products, mainly makeup. I shopped at Ulta and WalMart. I hope you like it! #makeuprocks


MakeUp Monday – My Favorite Nail Polishes

A new Makeup Monday video is up, this one is on my favorite nail polishes. The top coat I recommend will change your #homemademani life. Hope you enjoy it!!



About Me – On Having Kids

Another About Me video is up! In this one I go into why I find myself in my forties without children. I explain how I have viewed having kid during the different decades of my life and how that has changed over time and why that has been the case. I hope you like it and learn a little bit more about me. But also, I hope it helps you gain a different take on having children and perhaps even expand your understanding of how and why some of us end up making the choices we make.



MakeUp Monday – Powders I Love!

A new MakeUp Monday video is up on the YT Channel. It’s on my favorite face powders, those I use to cover and those I use to set. Powders can change your makeup game for sure. Check it out! #makeuprocks


What I’m Into – Books, Podcasts & TV Shows

My first video of the What I’m Into series is up. In this one, I highlight the Books, Podcasts, and TV Shows I have loving of late. And, I also show you some of my favorite products, that have been truly making my life better. I hope you enjoy it!



MakeUp Monday – Follow-up Shop My Stash

I just uploaded my Shop My Stash (2) for March 2018, as a follow-up to the video I posted last week. Here, I walk you through the products I reused (and finished), the ones I incorporated as new for this week, and my overall thoughts on preselecting makeup for the week. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for watching and spending time with me and my makeup adventures!



Life Chats – Own Your Definition

I created a Life Chats playlist onto my personal channel on YouTube, and just made live my first video, in which I talk about owing your definition of self, and what I’ve learn this past year about dealing with other’s opinions of me. Check it out and let me know how you deal with people’s perceptions and opinions of yourself.



Makeup – Shop My Stash

My first makeup related video is up! Don’t know why I’m so excited about this since I never intended my personal channel to be particularly about makeup. Nevertheless, I am excited about it, it took a lot of work and a lot of patience to get it uploaded onto YouTube. I’ve confirmed, my WiFi totally sucks, and I need to do something about it soon.  But for now, this is it, my first Shop My Stash video, looking at makeup I selected to wear for a week, and then reviewing how I faired in using it, and if it helped me save some time in getting ready, and/or helped me use up some of the products that were panning.

“New” Personal YouTube Channel

I’m revamping my personal YouTube channel! Can you believe I started it, or at least created it, back in September of 2006?! Initially, I had videos of Sophie around age 3, singing her favorite Little Mermaid tunes. She was obsessed with everything Ariel back then. And, I also had a few other family-related videos, of Cas cooking and Max being Max. But I made all those private and they are not for public viewing anymore.

The only video I left on the “new” personal channel is one of me explaining why I was flying back to NYC to vote in the 2013 Venezuelan presidential elections because despite all the years I have lived in the US, I’m still very much so Venezuelan. That is the first video for the Me playlist.

I’ve created 5 playlist categories to start me off. I will be recording videos for these categories and will be posting them as frequently as I can, given I still have a full-time job with teaching, writing for publication and presentations due; I’m still pursuing a hypnotherapy certification; I still have my professional Dr. Jennifer Mata channel to work on, and I am revamping my Mata Consulting business as well. So there is definitely a lot on my plate, and I’m loving it!

So here is the link to my first video, an intro to what the channel will bring for viewing pleasure and explanation of what the 5 main playlists (for now) will contain. I hope it’s an enjoyable adventure for all of my people who come into this community, let’s YouTube!

Regaining my Love for Books

I like many different things, I seem to easily develop a strong attachment to things I like, and cherish them, as I would people. I guess I never outgrew the animism phase from the pre-operational stage of cognitive development. Coupled with that, I tend to have obsessive tendencies, meaning that when I like something, I like it to the bare bones, down to its core, until I can’t and eventually don’t, like it any longer. I guess I grow bored with it, or burn it out more likely, having pursued it until I just couldn’t do so anymore. Books are some of the things I like, I obsess over and collect. Yet, even though I do have more books than one person will ever need, my thirst for the knowledge and adventures they hold is neverending. I doubt I will ever bore from books, quite the contrary, they feed my yearn to learn and thus I keep coming back for more.

Because, I’m in this transition period this academic year, on which I will share with you my reflections in a later post, I currently have the luxury of time. It is incredibly fulfilling to be able to have time to pursue what one truly enjoys. And I, truly enjoy books and reading. Because of work and pressing responsibilities, I had lost my reading habits, as many other hobbies I enjoy that have been set aside for lack of time, reading for pleasure was not at the top of the list of things to do when being idle. Technology and other device related distractions seem to have taken up my free time of late. But last year I resolved to take on reading again and joined a few book club sessions at work. That’s when I rediscovered audio books and purchased a subscription to Audible.

On a road trip to Miami, from Chicago, in 2013/2014, Mike and I listened to The Devil in the White City, and another Erik Larson book entitled In the Garden of Beasts: Love, terror, and an American family in Hitler’s Berlin. Both absolutely enthralling stories. Highly recommend them. We had borrowed those audiobooks from the library and listened to them on our way there and back. It was a wonderful experience that we shared and bonded over, and made all those hours in the car so much more enjoyable. At that time we also listened to City of Scoundrels: The 12 days of disaster that gave birth to modern Chicago by Gary Krist, which I think was when I discovered I truly enjoy fictional history as a genre.

So last year, when I revamped my love for reading, I was drawn to audiobooks again. It’s a bit weird to talk about a story from a book that one has not truly read but listened to instead. Yet, I love listening to books, I think even more so than I love reading them. The intonation allows for the character’s emotion to come out loud and clear when a story is read, and I truly enjoy that. I discovered this when I listened to Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, which is read by the author… such a treat!

Last year I listened to all of Liane Moriarty’s books. I still haven’t seen the HBO rendition of Big Little Lies, but I truly enjoyed the book. I read or listened to rather, The Husband’s Secret, What Alice Forgot, Truly, Madly, Guilty, The Hypnotist’s Love Story, The Last Anniversary, and Three Wishes. Loved them all and discovered a line of Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, that I have come to love, because of the predominance of very strong women characters.

I also listened to and enjoyed: The Girl on the Train by Paul Hawkins, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, The Good Girl by Mary Kubica, Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, and My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry.

More recently, I discovered Kate Morton’s books. I think I have read them all so far: The Lake House, The Forgotten Garden, The Secret Keeper, The Distant Hours, and the one I just finished today: The House on Riverton (or The Shifting Fog). It’s bittersweet finishing a book; one gets so enthralled by the story, we are not but left wondering about the characters, what they might be up to, what will happen to them next. But the story is over, and it’s time to move on to the next wonderful literary adventure, which is where I find myself now. If you have read any of these books and have loved them as much as I have, perhaps you might have some recommendations for me for future reads? As you can see, once I find an author I like, I go about reading everything they have written, that is available. So perhaps, you can recommend a writer and not just a book?

One of the drawbacks from audiobooks is that you can’t highlight to then re-read favorite passages. They sort of get lost in the digital world. So in order to keep, for posterity, favorite lines, and some of them are just too precious to lose, I stop the audio and write them down. Here are some quotes from Kate Morton’s books I have kept as mementos:

“Happiness in life is not a given, it must be seized.” Saffy Blythe – The Distant Hours

“Reluctance to begin is quick to befriend procrastination.” Grace Bradley – The House at Riverton

“Time is the master of perspective, a dispassionate master, breathtakingly efficient.” Grace Bradley – The House at Riverton