Life Chats – GRWM and Updates!

This is a GRWM in which I update you on the recent occurrences, spoiler alert – I became a US Citizen!!! – And I also get ready for the day, apply my makeup and share with you the products I used. I hope you like it. #makeuprocks #nobuyyear #spirituality #play #citizenship #grwm #usewhatIhaveyear 



March 11, 2019, the day I became a US Citizen. I am over the moon with becoming a US citizen, for many reasons, but I think the most exciting one for me, is the ability to vote. I can vote people, I can vote! So bring it on elections, let’s do this!

And to commemorate the day and my new status, the Michael gave me a Tiffany charm bracelet with a Chicago charm, and heart-shaped charm with the US flag inside it. Is this the cutest or what? He also ordered a Venezuelan flag charm which is on its way. #loveMike #USRocks


Life Chats – What I Bought in February #MyNoBuyYear

February ended up being an expensive month. Even though I did not purchase anything from the categories I am abstaining from during my #nobuyyear, I did make two big purchases that pushed my spending over the “way too much for one month” side. I share with you what I purchased and why. I hope you like it! #makeuprocks #nobuyyear


MakeUp Monday – February Empties and Mini-Review

I share with you the products I have used up in the past month and provide a mini-review on how I liked them while I was using them, and if I would repurchase them in the future. I have hair products, skin care, body care, and some makeup as well. I hope you like it! #makeupmonday #makeuprocks #empties #toiletries #skincare #reviews


Life Chats – Chit-Chat GRWM and Thoughts on Spirituality

Here I update you on what I have been focusing on, mainly spiritually, both from an academic perspective and at a personal level, while I get ready for the workday and do my makeup. I hope you like it. #makeuprocks #nobuyyear #spirituality #grwm #usewhatIhaveyear


MakeUp Monday – Products I wish I could buy

The no-buy year is off to a good start. I have managed not to purchase anything during the month of January, that is within my selected categories (makeup, skincare, clothes/shoes, jewelry, housewares and toiletries), yet that does not mean that I have not been lusting over some products I wish I could buy, or those I wish I could repurchase because I’m out and they are my favorites. I hope you like this video in which I pine over things I am not going to buy. #makeuprocks #nobuyyear



Life Chats – Thoughts on My First Month of my No-Buy Year!

My first month on the #nobuyyear or #usewhatIhaveyear was a success. I got an unexpected #ipsy bag in January which I thought I had cancelled and had to buy a blush while in Chicago for two weeks because I forgot it, but other than that, it has been smooth sailing.  I have made purchases, which I will share with you in this video, but they have not been from my #nobuy categories. I also have come to some insights and realizations, which I am hopeful, will continue to provide a profound understanding of my buying addiction and how to kick it to the curb. I hope you enjoy the video. #makeuprocks #nobuyyear


MakeUp Monday – January Empties and Mini-Reviews

I share with you the products I have used up in the past month and a little review on how I liked them while I was using them. I have hair products, skin care, perfumes and some makeup as well. I hope you like it! #makeupmonday #makeuprocks #empties #toiletries #skincare #reviews


MakeUp – The toiletries and skin care I took for two weeks

I share with you here the toiletries and skin care products I took with me for a two-week trip back to Chicago. We don’t need a lot, people! #usewhatIhave #makeuprocks #nobuyyear #toiletries #skincare


MakeUp Monday – The only makeup I took for two weeks

Vlog style video in which I show you what I took in terms of makeup and brushes, for a two-week trip back to Chicago. I share my favorites products, those I take when I know I need my makeup to work without me having to run out to purchase something if what I took with me fails. Hope you like it! # usewhatIhave #makeuprocks #makeupmonday #nobuyyear