On waxing

I commented the other day that I had been buying stuff through Groupon and loving it. Well, one of the things I have bought have been bikini waxing services. Ever since I moved to Chicago I had been on the search for a good place to go for waxing, but hadn’t been very successful in getting recommendations. Plus, I like Brazilian bikini waxes and some places just don’t do those, making it twice as difficult to find.

Through Groupon I found two spas, and my experience with each of them was truly great. The first one was Sinead Salon & Spa at 3416 N Sheffield Ave and the second was The Waxing Room located at 3115 North Halsted Street. With the Groupon the services were $30 for the first one, and $25 for the next, plus tip. For some reason waxing is much more expensive here in Chicago (think double the price) than it is in NYC, so I was thrilled to be able to get NYC prices through Groupon. Have I mentioned how much I love them lately?

Look at me, at my barely 5 months in this city, already recommending places. Who knew? 😉 If you’re in town and need a waxing job, these places are awesome, clean, courteous, very professional. You won’t be disappointed.


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