Updates for January

I thought I’d update the blog for January before it ends. Can you believe the month is already more than half way through? Time is flying! Anyway, I finished the 2 weeks of detox this weekend and came out with 5 pounds less than when I started. Of course, I was dieting (eating much less) too, so I guess it was more because of the lack of food than the detox itself. I am now on a 100 pill-a-day, or what feels like it, regimen for a  month or so. In Miami I got my eyes checked by a woman who practices iridology and as a result, got prescribed a bunch or natural meds to first clean out my system (hence the detox) and then balance me out and provide those nutrients I’m missing. I don’t like taking pills, so this is quite the challenge, hopefully these weeks will pass by quickly and the results will be worth while. I’ll keep you posted.

Staying on the health track, I have been going to yoga Thursday mornings for a couple weeks now. I really like the instructor and the class is of a manageable size, allowing everyone to get some attention from her. I have been attempting headstands, although I don’t have the strength in my upper body yet to do it all on my own, and I sort of dread that part of the class. The class itself is a bit more advanced than where I am currently, representing a challenge, which is good, keeps me focused and striving for more precise poses. But I think I’m now missing the relaxing, meditative aspect of yoga, which this class definitely lacks. I have 3 more classes (from the groupon I bought) to go, I think I’ll stick with Thursday mornings and then after these are done see what I want to do next.

Work is great. I am loving the class I’m teaching this term, and both of my groups (I teach two sections of the same course) are great. One is during the week and it’s mostly undergrads between 19 and 24, with the exception of one woman who is in her late 30s. The other group is mostly older women, with families and grown children of their own. The first group is great, they have a lot of book knowledge, theory they’ve learn from other classes and some practical experiences. But the second group, my favorite, has a lot of life experience and love to share it, so they participate a lot in class, making my Saturday mornings fly by. I hope they are getting as much from the class as I seem to be getting from them. I am truly enjoying my students this term.

Aside from teaching, I am also focused on service. I started collaborating as a consultant, sort of, with an Early Head Start program run by Catholic Charities. DePaul and Catholic Charities have a partnership of sorts and our goal is to help as much as we can. I have met with the Early Head Start personnel a few times now and observed the teachers and children once, and am now designing some professional development workshops to provide for the teachers and staff. I’m really excited about this because it’s a chance to help out a population who needs all the help they can get and also, a great chance for me to see up close environments I am not too familiar with, and begin to understand their needs and my role in helping wherever I can.

My last visit there got me thinking about poverty and how it devastates lives. I’ve always thought poverty is the cancer of society, and the cure is attainable through education. Of course, the more liberal, critical and post-structuralist views on education are of the opinion that formal education perpetuates hierarchies of power and sustains oppression, educating people to be part of the status quo instead of promoting change. I say education, formal or not, is the way to a better life. I believe education will open doors, lead to better jobs and ultimately will pave the road out of poverty into a more comfortable life. Is it easy? No. Will it be handed to you? Absolutely not. But it is a way, a sure way out.

Anyhow, I don’t want to get into the philosophy of it all. I just wanted to update what’s been going on here because I feel I’ve dropped the ball when it comes to the blog, and I do love writing here. Time though doesn’t seem to be stretching itself to my advantage these days, but I am purposefully going to pencil in some quality blog time, at least twice a week, would be good.

On the dating scene, what you thought I was going to leave you hanging dry there? Never! It’s been quiet these days. No one really interesting had popped up lately, and the two guys on the radar who I had mentioned before, completely vanished. As I had anticipated, too much traveling and time away just cools off any potential of relationship launching. Nevertheless, I have a first date tonight. This guy had emailed and called last week, and quite quickly wanted to go out. Last minute he canceled because he was coming down with a cold. He called on Sunday and we rescheduled for tonight. We’re going out for Thai at a place close to me. I’m hoping I won’t want to poke my eyes out 5 minutes into it, because this is dinner and not just coffee or a drink, meaning it will last more than 25 minutes whether I want it to or not. Lets hope it goes well!       

Ok, it’s back to work for me now. I hope all is going well with all of you. Please let me know how it’s going, and if you’re writing somewhere, leave the link in a comment. I do get around and do some rounds on favorite blogs on an almost daily basis.  So here’s to updates and blogging! May this year be filled with them.                                    


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