“New” Personal YouTube Channel

I’m revamping my personal YouTube channel! Can you believe I started it, or at least created it, back in September of 2006?! Initially, I had videos of Sophie around age 3, singing her favorite Little Mermaid tunes. She was obsessed with everything Ariel back then. And, I also had a few other family-related videos, of Cas cooking and Max being Max. But I made all those private and they are not for public viewing anymore.

The only video I left on the “new” personal channel is one of me explaining why I was flying back to NYC to vote in the 2013 Venezuelan presidential elections because despite all the years I have lived in the US, I’m still very much so Venezuelan. That is the first video for the Me playlist.

I’ve created 5 playlist categories to start me off. I will be recording videos for these categories and will be posting them as frequently as I can, given I still have a full-time job with teaching, writing for publication and presentations due; I’m still pursuing a hypnotherapy certification; I still have my professional Dr. Jennifer Mata channel to work on, and I am revamping my Mata Consulting business as well. So there is definitely a lot on my plate, and I’m loving it!

So here is the link to my first video, an intro to what the channel will bring for viewing pleasure and explanation of what the 5 main playlists (for now) will contain. I hope it’s an enjoyable adventure for all of my people who come into this community, let’s YouTube!


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