T-Minus 1 month


(This is so us…)

We are exactly one month away from the wedding date. I haven’t been posting anything about the wedding preparation here. Well, I haven’t been posting anything here lately, wedding related or not.

Anywhoo, a lot of the preparation has been taken care of and we are pretty much set with all the big stuff. I only have left the flowers and center pieces, and the gifts for both the guests and the wedding party. The Hora Loca, is still pending, as well as settling the transportation. But other than that, everything else that was recently pending I have at least touched base with, and will be deciding on this coming week: the food for after the church rehearsal, choosing the cake provider, the make-up and hair tryouts, which I have set appointments for, and buying the tickets for the honeymoon. That’s it, everything else is pretty much set.

One more month people, like Nick says “it’s only 30 days, Je-Ji”!, but who’s counting?

(or is it more like this…?)



2 responses to “T-Minus 1 month

  1. Columba Gomez de Mata

    Como dicen en nuestro país “Todo sobre Ruedas”…. Orgullosa de ti y tu gerencia de este proyecto….. Coco


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