On MakeUp

I go through phases of addiction to activities. Sometimes it’s something healthy like yoga, zumba, or jogging. Other times it’s not so healthy, and focused on food, chocolate, ice cream, chips, nuts or a particular candy, off the top of my head: jawbreakers, Double Bubble gum, Charms blow pops, starbursts, sweetarts, toblerone, twix, … you get the idea. And yet other times, I guess appropriate for this era, my addiction goes to digital, online activities like blogging, FB, twitter, pinterest, playing Sims, and most recently You Tube.

I’ve always watched videos on You Tube, I tend to end there when I’m searching for how-tos, specifically technology related, or when I’m searching for class resources for my students. But recently, while looking for bridal makeup tips, I bumped into a whole world of beauty related videos, and now spend endless hours watching a series of beauty vloggers on You Tube.

I’m still undecided between having a professional do my makeup for the wedding, or applying all the skills I’ve been learning these past months and brave it, and do it myself. I’ve learned a ton about makeup application, about different products, and have purchased a lot of products, some which I’m still tying out. It’s definitely a different type of hobby, but it ‘s just fun to watch.

There are thousands of beauty vloggers out there, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite ones, to save you some time. If you are already into makeup, you’ll love them. And if you are not, beware, you might get sucked in.

Lisa Eldridge – A professional British makeup artist, who works with A-lister actors and models.

Essie Button – A young Canadian living in the UK.

Amelia Liana – Another young British fassionista.

Leighann Says – A quirky and sweet girl from Houston.

Kathleen Lights – A young Cuban-American girl from Miami.

Young Wild and Polished – A crazy, funny woman, who loves her bloopers.

Coffee Break with Dani – A young Mexican-American mom of two, from Dallas, who loves to teach “pandas” about makeup.

Jessica Murphy (JAMbeauty89) – A fair girl from Indianapolis, who is getting married soon.

The Makeup Chair – A makeup artist who teaches online.

Sona Gasparian – A makeup artist offering latest beauty trends and tips.



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