Bye Bye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 is almost gone, and even though I haven’t been blogging all that much, I thought I’d update here my thoughts around this year ending and the next one beginning.

In December of 2013, when I was wrapping up 2013, I reflected on the happenings of that year in regards to the resolutions or goals I had set, and then offered some new goals to meet during 2014. I have to say I didn’t meet my 2014 goals, not really. I had set to lose 25 lbs and publish as much as I could. To meet those goals I had set an action plan to exercise 3 times a week for at least an hour, and write for 4 hours twice a week (send 3 articles and a few children’s books out to be published).

I did exercise on and off, especially during the summer, both in Miami and in Chicago, and I did drop sugar for a while and lost 10 lbs. I did not lose 25 lbs though, I suspect mainly because I didn’t fully diet, but also because the doctors and I are still trying to figure out the right medication for my thyroid. And the whole reason I gained the extra 10 lbs to begin with was because of my thyroid. So for 2015, losing weight is still on the list. This year I intend to lose 14 lbs, to get myself back to 130 lbs, which is a weight I feel comfortable with; not too skinny, not too fat, just right.

Regarding the exercise bit, I realized this last trimester, that because I did not exercise regularly and failed miserably at scheduling an appointment with my chiropractor, my stress took over my back and by the time I actually could get to the chiropractor in December, they both (I went to two different ones) asked if I had been in an accident. “Did you hurt your back/neck? Are you sure? No fender benders? Really?” “Yep, really, no accidents, this is all stress baby”. So this year and I have resolved to get back into yoga. I am determined to go to a yoga class at least once a week, if not twice. It’s the only activity that will help me control my stress and relax both my mind and by body. I need yoga. I miss yoga. Yoga is on the list for 2015.

Publishing went well in 2014, my book was published in the summer, as well as an article in a peer reviewed journal. But the writing for both of those occurred in 2013. I did not live up to the writing plan for 4 hours twice a week. I’m not setting that goal again for 2015, because I know I won’t meet it then either. But I do need to wrap up two pending articles I am writing and submit them to journals and then write, preset at a conference, and then submit to a journal, another article that is in the works. Three articles need to be out this year, hopefully done by the end of January.  So writing and publishing is still on the list for 2015 as well.

A new goal I am setting this year, one that I practiced on during a month back in 2012, is to not spend money (shop) on things that are extras, or that I don’t really need, like shoes, makeup, clothes, and the sort. My plan is to spend and buy things that I need to survived (e.g., food, mortgage) or replenish (e.g., shampoo, toilet paper), but not buy anything new, I don’t really need, like a new bracelet. My dad suggested that every time I get the urge to buy something, to save that same amount instead, actually move the money from my checking to my savings account, and then by the end of the year spend it on something expensive. I like that idea. My end of the year expenditure though is going to be the wedding, which we plan to finance ourselves. So there is that incentive.

There will be a lot of wedding planning this year, and time spent on that. But it won’t be a goal or a resolution, it’s just on my to-do list for 2015. I also want to read more fun-books. I just finished a book I began back in September, and even though it took for ever to finish, at least I got one fun-read book in this year, yay! My goal is to get at least one fun-read book per trimester in 2015. I already begun two, so I think I’m off to a good start.

How about you? Have you reviewed your goals for 2014? Did you meet them? Are you setting new ones for 2015? Are your rolling the old ones over to this new year? Whatever you are doing, I wish you luck. And hope you are wishing me luck too, because I know I need the support and the cheering-on. I have set my mind to accomplish these goals, and by George, I’ll do it! But it’s always nice to have friends cheering for me, so thanks and Happy New Year!


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