If you are a friend of ours on FB, you already know about our latest news. But I thought I’d share it here too. Mike and I got engaged!!!

We had been talking about it since the spring, and in June we started looking at rings and figuring out what I wanted (there are so many beauties out there, and I do love jewelry). In the summer, when we visited my parents, Mike had a talk with my dad and both my parents gave us their blessing.

So, a couple weeks after we got back from vacation, Mike popped the question in the South gardens of the Art Institute. It was sweet and with such a pretty backdrop, it was romantic and me tear up. Although, if you know me (the older version of me), I still am not an easy crier, but a great tearer-upper.

There were a few wedding parties in the gardens while we were there (a good omen?) and one of the brides maids took this photo of us:

2014-09-13 15.23.34

And then of course, we took some selfies, and shared them with the world.

2014-09-13 15.26.13-1

We went to the museum afterward, to see the Magritte exhibit. If you are into Surrealism, I highly recommend it, it’s pretty good. And while we roamed the Impressionist gallery (my favorite) and then waited in line for the Magritte show, I took some photos of the ring, because everyone wants to see the ring, right? 🙂

2014-09-13 15.45.21 2014-09-13 16.01.19

We are both very happy about the whole deal, and we are looking forward to all the wedding prep that awaits us… hope it goes smoothly!


6 responses to “Engaged!

  1. Yo también estoy muy feliz con este acontecimiento y muy emocionada con los preparativos de los próximos pasos. MUCHAS FELICIDADES Mi Polin!!!!!


  2. Wohoo!! Finally the Story behind the engagement on your Blog. I was waiting for that!
    Congrats again to you too!!!! When will the wedding be?


    • Thank you!!!! We are truly happy about the whole thing. We are thinking of December 2015… although it seems ages away! I wish we could do it this December, but that seems too rushed. I don’t want to have it in the summer… so, we’ll see, I guess.


  3. You don’t want to have it in summer? Why?
    And what about autumn than? It’s a beautiful time. We got married in September, also I first wanted October but it didn’t work out with the Location, Music, ect.


    • Well, I only have vacation time, off work, in the summer (July-August) and in December. I don’t want to get married in the heat of summer, so December it is. I would love Spring or Fall, but I’m in the middle of teaching courses by that time, and no time to go away for a honey moon, which I really want to do.


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