Moving in

June is finally here! I have been waiting for June anxiously for several reasons. The first of which is summer. June is the beginning of the warmer weather around these parts, and even though I am not a fan of 80-90 degree weather, this winter was so brutal, I am very much looking forward to wearing dresses, sandals, and hanging out on the beach.

Another reason June is so awaited is because it is the end of the Spring term, and that means I usually have teaching-free time until September. So I can work and play on whatever I want, no distractions whatsoever.

But this year in particular, June is extra special because it is the month in which Mike and I move in together on a permanent basis. Yes, on June 21st, 3 short weeks from now, Mike will be moving in to live with me in the city. Bye-bye suburbia, hello metropolis! And hello cohabiting for the first time, at least for me.

Mike is divorced, so he has lived with someone before. But, I have never lived with anyone, and even though we have spent the past 3 years “living” together every weekend, there is something to be said about having everything you own combined with everything your significant other owns, in the same space.

I am excited to be starting a new chapter in our relationship, but also a little nervous as one tends to be when one does anything for the first time. Mike has slowly been bringing his things over and storing them in the storage unit downstairs, over these past weeks. Next weekend we are bringing over all of his plants (Mike has lots of plants), and the past weekend we bought a new sectional for the living room, as we are getting rid of both our old couches. So progress has been made, it won’t all happen on the 21st, we have been moving the moving-in pieces along already. Yet, it won’t feel official until it is. Like most things.

But as a starter we had the mailbox tag changed, from:

2014-05-26 11.26.11


2014-05-23 18.09.02 2014-05-26 11.24.18

Here we go. New beginnings, commence!


4 responses to “Moving in

  1. Hija!!! Qué emoción, Dios bendiga esta unión. No sabes lo feliz que me hacen al tomar esa importante decisión. Que la Virgen del Coromoto proteja con su manto divino ese nuevo hogar. Tu sabes que yo quiero mucho a Mike y se que van a estar muy bien y disfrutarán mucho esta nueva etapa de la relación. Y a ti que te puedo decir mi pequeña niña, mi corazón está feliz!!!! Y deseo que Dios les enseñe el camino para seguir creciendo y amandose cada día más. Besos. Tu Maquí.


  2. Mazel tov, so excited for you and your next big step. Co-habitating is hard, but wonderful. xoxo


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