Friends in Chicago

My friends Andrea and Joan came to visit this weekend, with their little Greta, who is as cute as they come. They flew in from NYC late Friday night and were leaving for Indianapolis early Sunday morning, so we only had Saturday to spend together and do as much as possible.

We got a ton of talking and eating in, of course. But we also made it to Navy Pier and had deep dish pizza at Gino’s East.

IMG_5772 IMG_5774 IMG_5777 IMG_5779 IMG_5787 IMG_5791 IMG_5794 IMG_5799 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5806 IMG_5807 IMG_5808 IMG_5810 IMG_5816 IMG_5817

It was a great time spent with friends. Hopefully, we will get to spend some more time together next weekend, before they make their way back home.


2 responses to “Friends in Chicago

  1. Columba Gomez

    Que agradable visita, se ve que la disfrutaste mucho. Greta está bellísima. Besos
    Ah!!!!!! y las fotos muy buenas….

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