Summer already? What about Spring?

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, which traditionally is know as the weekend that launches the summer season in the US. Thus, technically summer begins right after next Monday. This means the beaches along the lakeside in Chicago will be open for business. Lifeguards will be back on duty and beach goers will be allowed to swim in the Lake’s waters (that is, if they want to risk hypothermia with those freezing temperatures). But I feel like we haven’t yet had true Spring. Do you feel the same?

Yes, I haven’t used my puff coat (my measure of when Winter truly ends) in over two weeks, there has been no need, and yes, the trees and flowers are blooming and there are buds everyone one looks, but it’s just been weird with all the cold, rain, and hail. I mean, it did snow last weekend in the suburbs.

I like Spring too much to have missed it completely this year. It seems like (as usual) we went from freezing Winter (the worse winter ever, for me, and the third worse winter ever in Chicago) to now sunny and hot Summer. It’s in the 60s so it’s not truly hot yet, but I can feel it, it’s coming, probably this weekend. And with the heat, boom! Summer is here and Spring? Well, Spring, never truly was.

My favorite thing about Spring are the flowers. The tulips that seem to spring out everywhere, as if they were weeds. The magnolia tress, with their beautiful shades of pink and white. And this year, Mike introduced me to Dogwoods. They are beautiful and seem to be everywhere in Rogers Park. I went a little camera happy on our walk the other day. But just take a look at the prettiness of these trees:

IMG_5682 IMG_5683 IMG_5684 IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5688


2 responses to “Summer already? What about Spring?

  1. También puede ser q el verano se retrase. De cualquier forma las fotos están bellas.


    • Si, con el frio que ha hecho durante el invierno… pero parece que la primavera duro 2 semanas (de lluvia) y ahora ya estamos en 80 grados F.
      Gracias 🙂


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