Charlie and Max and true boys, and as such are always getting into dirty stuff. They love going to the beach; Max can’t be close to the water without getting in. But inevitably it seems like they bring back with them all the sand, dirt and grime from the streets. This past weekend we took them to a new place to get groomed. They were overdue for a haircut, and since summer is around the corner, we thought we would ask for a little more than the usual trim.

We like how they look all long hair and scruffy, but sometimes one just needs to go short and clean. Truthfully, we didn’t ask for a short cut, we said clean up their faces, paws and skirts, but I guess they understood buzz everything, because that’s exactly what they did.

This is a before shot:


And these are some after ones:

IMG_5707 IMG_5712

Don’t they look so much younger? When I saw them, I said “It’s like we have puppies now!” They look adorable, and since the tangled, scruffy hair was cut off, they are as soft as silk; a dream to pet!

Summer, we are ready for you, now let it be hot!


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