Weekend Fun

This was a fun weekend. It started out with an outing for drinks with colleagues after work on Friday. Then Mike, who had a meeting in the city, met up with me and we went out for dinner at R Public House. We had the delicious meatza pizza, garlic fries, and a few drinks, and then ended the night walking the boys around the neighborhood.

On Saturday we woke up early, for our morning dog walk, as per usual. Did you know we never sleep in on weekends? Did you know this about dog owners? Once you get a dog and are responsible for it, you never, ever, sleep in again. So if you’re thinking of getting a dog, think about sleeping in, and if you are willing to give it up, for say 15 years or so. But on with the weekend recap.

After the walk, which I have learned to enjoy quite a bit, we had breakfast at home, and then left to run some errands. I voted on the Public Budget for our ward, and off we went to Target and Pier 1 for some needed supplies. We had lunch at Portillo’s, which is always satisfying, and went to Old Orchard Mall. I needed to stop by Sephora and Nordstrom and Mike wanted to take a look at some shoes. We ended the afternoon with a movie, and buttered popcorn, of course.

We went to see Heaven is for real. I dragged Mike, because this was actually not a movie on his to-see list. I had bought the book for my dad, some years back, and read it while visiting one summer, so I was curious about the movie. It’s a heartwarming story, and it highlights how faith is hard to foster, even for religious people. Have you seen it? It’s not a movie that will win any awards, but it will make you think about what you would do in that situation, and it will make you ponder what you believe in and why. Which, if you ask me, is always a good use of our time.

We made a stop by the groceries store after the movie, went home to walk the boys, and settled in to binge watch The Following. Do you watch The Following? It’s gruesome and very violent, which is why I can only watch it with Mike by my side, as I play The Sims or do something else to take the intensity off the TV screen. I’m thinking, after this season is over I’m going to call it quits. Why make myself watch something I can barely stomach? I’m thinking I won’t miss it anyway.

Sunday, offered us another early morning walk around the neighborhood with the boys, and more home made breakfast. I finally made gluten free brownies, which Mike had bought ages ago. They turned out ok, a little on the dry side. I think next time I’m adding sour cream to the recipe and not only butterscotch and walnuts.

I took a much needed nap after breakfast, while Mike watched sports and walked the dogs again. Did you know this other fact about dogs and walks? They need more than one a day, in fact if they are anything like our dogs, they need as many as you are willing to take them on. If Charlie could have his, way he would be permanently on a walk. Anyhow, for lunch we went to our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant Cuetzala Gro, and then walked over to the open house to the newly remodeled Emil Bach House, designed by Frank Lloyd Right back in 1915.

Take a look, isn’t it nice?

IMG_5634 IMG_5635 IMG_5636 IMG_5637 IMG_5638 IMG_5639

It’s actually on the small side for today’s standards, but it has a very modern and clean designed, which the restorers did an amazing job at recreating, to return this house to it’s original glory, after years of remodeling by former owners. My favorite part was all the wood paneling inside, and some of the built in furniture in the bedrooms. If you get a chance go take a tour, it’s worth the visit. In the future they will open the house up as a vacation rental, so I guess that’s a possibility too, if you want to spend some time and sleep in a Frank Lloyd Right home.

After the open house tour, we went back home, and this time binge watched House of Cards. I had been wanting to see this show, and because it’s all about politics, I knew Mike would enjoy it. Have you watched it? it’s a great show, and it’s on Netflix, up for the viewing.

On Sunday night we took the boys for one last stroll and then Mike and them were off, headed to the suburbs for the week. It was a nice weekend, filled with a little bit of everything. Just the way we like it. How was your weekend?


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