Back with updates on work and health

My gosh, I totally dropped the blogging ball, didn’t I. And the thing is I’ve been thinking about wanting to blog and have all these events I want to share here, but just haven’t had the time. Every time I feel the urge, there is another, more pressing activity I need to tend to, sometimes urgently, and thus I leave blogging to the side. By the time I free up, I’m exhausted and to continue sitting in front of the computer is the last thing I want to do. So I blog in my head. Yeah, no use to anyone, but myself, I know.  The life of the working woman, huh?

In any case, there are a lot of things to update the blogging world on, if there is anyone left reading this, that is. As you know I am back at work full-time. My research leave ended in December, and when the term began the first week of January, I went back to work full force. It seems like I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath since. The courses I was teaching, this winter term, went really well. I loved my students this term and I think that right there made all the difference. Also, I taught a new-to-me course, which meant a TON of preparation before each class, but it was a bilingual education course, the field in which I want to begin to get my feet in, and I truly enjoyed teaching it.

Last week was week 11, finals week, and my students presented their final quizzes and projects. I am now in the midst of grading, which hasn’t been as tedious as before… I’m telling you this term has really been a good one… I don’t want to jinx it though, because the next term begins in a week, and I want to start it with the same positive vibe and mojo as the term I’m just leaving behind. And I really want to take some time, if only a little bit, to savor the positives. Of course there were particular students who tried to be a sour pus. I guess it’s inevitable. But the bottom line is all very positive, and since last year, right about this time, I had more than had it and was in a very negative place work-wise, I think I really need to take at least a minute to savor and appreciate this very positive state.

Aside from work, and being swamped with grading, prepping my two courses for next term, addressing the editor’s queries for my book (expected to come out in July, hooray!), and submitting my annual tenure review, all due by the end of this week, other things are going on as well.

Health-wise, I’m still dealing with my prematurely retired thyroid and it’s consequent weight gain problems. Even though I am watching what I eat more theses days, my weight is not budging. I even dropped sugar for Lent, and thus have spent the past 3 weeks deprived of sweets (oh, the cravings!), and nothing. I’ve gone down a whooping two pounds. So I’m making an appointment to see an endocrinologist sometime soon.

I’m also still recovering from the arm fracture, but doing much better. Did I share that before I went off the grid? I think not, because it happened the 19th of February, and I think I haven’t been here since January, right? Right. Well, one early Wednesday morning, a morning a bit less cold than the polar vortex we have come accustomed to lately, while walking to my car to drive into work, I slipped on ice and fell flat on my left side. OUCH! A few seconds later, I was able to get up, walk to my car, shovel it out of the snow with my right arm only, and drive to work. Unfortunately, the pain in my left arm did not lessen, and by time I was done teaching around 3:00 pm (I was teaching two classes back-to-back on Wednesdays), the pain was unbearable and I decided I needed to have an MD take a look at it.

I should have gone to an orthopedic doctor, but I didn’t know any, so I called my internal medicine doctor, who wasn’t in. There was another internal medicine person who could see me around 5:30 pm, so I went. She thought I needed an x-ray, she thought because of the pain and the fact I couldn’t really move it, it might be broken. But, of course the technician at the x-ray office was already gone for the day, so I would have to come back the next morning. What I really should have done was gone to the ER right after I fell, but I truly thought the pain would go away. I didn’t think I had broken anything, and by Pete, I had to go teach!

In any case, I drove as I could, home and then back the following day, got an x-ray and later that day a call from the doctor saying, yep, I had a fracture and I needed to go see an ortho guy. They couldn’t get me an appointment before Saturday morning, apparently all orthos were booked (I guess a lot of people are breaking bones this time of year), so I had to wait.

The first doctor had prescribed stronger ibuprofen, so at least I had that. When Mike came over Friday night, he improvised a sling for me from a scarf, because I didn’t have anything to hold my arm in place, and every little movement was quite painful. That helped. Saturday morning, during the ortho appointment, he reconfirmed it was fractured, gave me a proper sling and sent me home, saying I needed to come in a week. I was also instructed to try to move my arm as much as possible, without straining it or putting weight on it.

Photo on 2014-02-22 at 13.28Photo on 2014-02-22 at 13.28 #4

Did you know that casts are not recommended for adults? As it turns out adults are not as resilient as children, and if my arm were to be immobilized for weeks, once the cast came off I would have lost mobility to the point that not even with physical therapy I would be able to recuperate it. So a sling and allowing for movement, as much as possible, was the best way to go with a hairline, non-displaced fracture in the arm, close to the elbow, as the one I have.

Also, did you know sling in Spanish, is cabestrillo? See all the things you learn by coming here? 😉

It’s going to be 5 weeks tomorrow, and I have recovered a great deal of mobility. I’m not completely pain free, but I only took painkillers the first few days. I used the sling everywhere the first week, only to go out the second week, and after that, not at all. My students were impressed, they thought I had recovered quickly. They were the ones who saw me in pain and holding my arm all through class the day I feel, and then wearing a sling the following two weeks. By week 3, when I was not wearing the sling any more, they thought I was super woman! 🙂

All kidding aside, I’m glad I recovered mobility, The doctor says I won’t recover 100% of mobility or outward rotation of the arm, but we’ll see about that. He says I won’t be able to stretch it all the way flat, but will always have about 15 degrees of inclination in the left arm, in comparison to the right one. That’s true right now, but I am hopeful it will continue to get better. This is, after all, my first ever fracture because of an accident, so I am focused on getting it back to wear it was, even if I’m over 40 and my bones are not what they used to be… everyone has been asking about my calcium intake. Yet, I am positive that anyone who fell as hard I did, on the cement, would have fractured something too, no matter how much calcium they took everyday.

Not sure how, but this post ended being all about work and then health issues. Not that much fun for a first post back in months. But hey, I’m writing, and hopefully this will set me in motion to come back and share the rest of the other tons of things I’ve been meaning to write about. But for now, this just got way past the length one can sustain for reading a blog post. So let’s wrap it up now, while we are ahead, shall we? I’ll be back with more soon.


9 responses to “Back with updates on work and health

  1. OMG, you had a lot going on.
    Glad to hear your arm is better by now. Is the weather still so crazy and cold over there?


    • Yeah, I guess, I do have a lot on my plate. But keeping busy is a good thing, it helps with controlling the over-thinking 🙂
      The weather, well what can we still say about the weather? It’s still winter, snowing and cold, and I’m guessing it will just be a cold spring, whenever it gets here.


  2. Aunque yo estaba al tanto de todas estas experiencias que has vivido en los primeros meses del año. Me gusto mucho leerte…..espero con mucho interes, la segunda parte…. TqM….


  3. How many days will you have the sling?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.


  4. Did you break your wrist in the past or was this the first time you had to wear a sling?


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