Wrapping up 2013

We got to the end of 2013. We made it! That might be a little dramatic on my part because this year wasn’t all that bad, at least not the second half of it. The first six months of the year were tough. I was swamped at work and even though I felt like I was accomplishing a lot, I wasn’t happy with some of the feedback and reviews I got. I had issues with some students which left a sour taste once the academic year came to an end in June. Again, I let the opinion of one or two influence the way I felt, overall. This will change this year, for sure.

The second half of the year was awesome. I took a much needed month off, and flew to Miami with Sophie. I spent a month not thinking about work (for the most part), and really enjoyed the time spent with my parents. Then, when I got back to Chicago I was in excellent shape to dive into writing mode. And I accomplished my goals: I finished the book manuscript and turned it in by the deadline, I attended two conferences, presented at one of those and turned the paper I wrote into an article I submitted to a journal, I got the review back and resubmitted with the modifications. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Travel-wise, this year I went twice to NY and also Miami, for pleasure. I visited Lisbon and DC for work, and got to know more of Illinois and Wisconsin. I got to spend quality time with both Mike’s family and mine, and saw some friends in NY when I visited. I hope to do more of the same next year.

Regarding goals and resolutions, I am declaring 2014 the ME year; the year I put myself first and stop being little-miss-nice-and-agreeable. Not that I’m planning to turn into a self-centered insufferable bitch, but I am going to make a conscious effort to put myself first and to stand up for myself, regardless of what others think I should do. Or better yet, regardless of what I think others think I should do. That makes sense, right? Right. This year I do only what I think is best, first for me, and then for others. No more sacrificing myself.

For 2012 I wanted to believe, to let go and let God, to feel a sense of assurance that the best would happen if I went with the flow and let the plan unfold. In my review of the year, and preparing myself for 2013, I realized I was living much more in the present and enjoying whatever was, not controlling or wanting to control so much, and I think that holds true for 2013 as well. So I’m considering that a win.

For 2013 I wanted to be happy, I wanted to feel happy and realized it was all up to me. But I wasn’t happy the first six months of the year. In fact, by June I was furious and had had it. But that month off and then the five month leave, did the trick! I got myself back to who I am, a smiley, positive, happy person, and felt oh so much better. So I’m guessing that’s a win too.

Now for 2014 I want to focus on me. Continue to be happy and feel good about myself, and what I say and do. I only have two major goals for this new year: lose 25 lbs and write/publish as much as I can. I want to keep these two goals at the forefront and if/when I have to put things aside because of lack of time, I want those things to be anything else but any actions related to these two goals.

Yet goals don’t accomplish themselves, and it is very easy to fall off course, especially if there is no action plan. So my action plan for goal one is to exercise at least three times a week for at least an hour, and cut down significantly on sugar and carbs. For goal two, I plan to write for 4 hours twice a week (most likely Thursdays and Fridays) and finish/send out for review 3 articles and a couple children’s books.

I have other wishes I would love to see materialize in 2014, but they fall under the category of “let go and let God”, so I’m not going to worry about those. I will focus on what I can control: my eating habits, my exercise activity, and my writing productivity. The rest will take care of itself, when and how it’s supposed to. I’m confident of that.

How about you? How did you fair in 2013? What plans do you have for 2014? Goals? Resolutions? Wishes? Whatever your plan is, I hope it all turns out well, and I hope the end of this year lives up to your expectations. May 2014 be the best year yet! Cheers! And here’s to accomplished goals.


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