So December is here, can you believe it? I forgot to post a Happy December post on Sunday, so here it is:

Happy December!!! I hope it’s great!

But before we get into all the December madness, let’s talk about Thanksgiving, shall we? Before all the baking, cooking, prepping, and eating craziness, I started to think about what I am grateful for, all that is worthy in my life, and with which I probably would be quite miserable. It started on the trip to DC and NY. I had some time to think, and talking to inspiring ones always helps too.

My sister, for example, shared something she had heard recently, and which had hit home with her. “If today you only had in your life, that for which you were grateful yesterday, what would that be?” It got her thinking, and then me as she shared it with me, about all the things we take for granted and all the things we tend to forget to be thankful for, like: breathing, being able to support ourselves, being able to be self-sufficient physically, waking up every morning with health, food, roofs, jobs, and love.

I know I tend to let the little stuff get to me. Not finding a quick parking spot, having to run bothersome errands, having to get up early some days, having to go see doctors, paying for everything (money in general stresses me out), the never ending story of grooming and cleaning EVERYTHING, running out of time to complete the ever pending to-do list… day-to-day life. But all those things are meaningless, and I am trying to find ways for them not to get to me. Because the real important stuff, the stuff that really merits worrying after is not that. The important things I am most grateful for and for which I wouldn’t mind losing sleep over are my family and my loved ones, the people I care about.

This thanksgiving we spent it with Mike’s family, up in Wisconsin. We had a yummy meal and time to chit-chat. I baked a gluten free pumpkin pie (not that great tasting) and a really good key lime pie (a tried and true recipe). Mike’s mom made everything else, and it was truly delicious. I think we were all thankful for that. I’m sure Mike is thankful for Football (me, not so much) and he got to watch a LOT of that this past weekend. But what I am most thankful for, is being surrounded by what makes me feel safe and happy: my people. At the end that is what is most important to me, the relationships we nurture and which nourish us.

IMG_5086 IMG_5090

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping this coming month of December, there will be lots to be thankful for as well.


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