Manuscript – done!

I finished the manuscript for my book and sent it out to the editor yesterday. I met my deadline and I’m thrilled to be able to cross that off my to-do list. It was a big endeavor and took quite a bit of time. I am so glad I had this leave from teaching and service at work, so I could solely focus on writing and scholarship.

The book itself is not done. Now the editing process begins, and there will be a lot of back and forth, edits and changes to be done, for sure. I already woke up to an email from the editor’s assistant asking for some files to get the manuscript ready for the production team. But the big hump has been accomplished, and I’m really happy about that.

I want to enjoy having accomplished this step, because it is a big one. But I have quite a few other things on my list, which I want to tackle before January hits and classes resume. I have two articles in the works that need to be polished, finished and sent out to journals. They are to be my next focus, in terms of writing. But I also have to prep my courses on the online platform, and do some research and reading for them.

Tomorrow, I am flying out to DC for the NAEYC conference. If you are a teacher or related to early childhood education (ECE) in any way or form, this is a very good conference to attend. I’m not presenting, so it will be a relaxed one for me. But I want to check it out and get in touch with some colleagues at NAEYC. They are the national leading early childhood organization and publish the DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice) book which is the bible for ECE, so in the US, they are the folks to know.

There is definitely no rest for the wicked. It’s onward and upward. And here I go, to DC, then NYC for the weekend (yahookitie!) and then back to writing, prepping, reading, and getting the last tasks off the list before the leave is officially over. Thank goodness for productivity and for enough energy and motivation to tackle the tasks at hand!


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