No Guts, No Glory


A friend of mine from college sent me a text today. It had attached this photo of a new model of Swatch watch, with the motto: No Guts, no Glory. She sent it because it reminded her of me.

You see, ages ago, when I was in high school, while out to lunch with my family, my dad wrote on a napkin “No Guts, no Glory”. He gave it to me, saying something along the lines “If you want to make it in this world, these are good words to follow”. Implying, that the secret to success was going for it, courageously, with guts.

I don’t remember the conversation, but the napkin lived posted on my cork board, in my room, for years. The thing turned yellow, and at some point I must of put it away. I might even have it put away somewhere still. Well, my friend remembered that napkin, and now when she sees “No Guts, no Glory”, it reminds her of me.

My dad was always a go getter. He set his goals high and went after them, achieving them every time. But it wasn’t without hard work and always putting in 110% of himself. Effort was required in order to reach and attain what he wanted. And perfection, was the name of the game.

I, in more ways than one, am very much like my dad. I lived by that motto for a very long time. But today, I get it. Guts will get you motivated, but glory will not come from motivation alone. Being courageous and going for it is needed, yet it will not assure you will get what you want. Hard work, discipline, perseverance and excellence, will.

It’s not enough to show up. You have to give it your all as well. The motto should read: “No guts, work, perseverance and excellence, No glory”.

In any case, thanks Mary for reminding me of this. And thanks to my dad for setting the bar high and never settling for seconds. It wasn’t only what he said to me, or wrote down for me so I would never forget. It was through example, day in and day out modeling, that I made this my motto. I am what I am, because I learned from the best. Thanks Dad. Thanks for your guts, and for your glory.


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