1 Year

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of moving into my new condo. I still call it the new place, since every time I pass by Lakeview, I call that my old place. Anyhow, it’s been a year! Time flies!

I’ve been thinking of anniversaries and milestones lately. Maybe because my birthday was just a few days ago, maybe because it’s fall and things are changing outside, or maybe just because this is what I do, I reminiscence.

So lets take a look at some time frames here, a time-line of sorts. It has been (I’m rounding up here in some instances):

41 years since I was born.

37 years since we moved to CA for the first time and moved back to Vzla 4 years after that.

26 years since we moved to Cali the second time around, and then back to Vzla again after a year.

23 years since I graduated high-school, and 17 since I graduated college.

22 years since I have been in the field of early childhood education (either studying it or working at it).

16 years since I moved to NYC for the first time, and 9 since I moved there the second time.

9 years since I moved from Caracas, apparently for good, back to NYC.

3 years since I moved from NYC to Chicago.

2.9 years since I’ve been with Mike and Charley, and 2 years since I adopted Max.

1 year since I moved into my first own-by-me condo.

As you can see I’ve moved quite a few times in my life. One day I’ll make a time-line of all the moves, from one address to the next, I’ve done in my life. They’re a LOT, believe me.

I sometimes wonder what all these numbers mean. Don’t you? Why do we keep track of time? Why does it matter? Does it really matter? I guess it helps us keep track of where we’ve been and how that has lead us to where we are. In any case, it’s been a year, and I wanted to commemorate it, because so far, so good.


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