Happy Halloween!

I’ve been cooped in, working on the book manuscript these past weeks, and it’s coming along. Lots of work, but I like how it’s turning out, so all good. Every day I work on it, well, every day except for Tuesday, when I had two doctor’s appointments and a ton of errands to run.

Update on the thyroid: I indeed have an under working thyroid (hypothyroidism) and got prescribed medication for it. They redid my blood work, and this time the TSH levels were even higher (7.5), so definitely off. Hopefully, with the medication I’ll be back on track, especially with the weight gain issue and the over tiredness, which I could definitely do without.

The other doctor I went to was the dentist. I hadn’t been to the dentist in almost 3 years, yeah, yeah, I know. But I just hadn’t found one I liked. Anyhow, I had a ton of fillings, 7 to be exact, that needed redoing. And one that was too big, and needed to turn into a crown. Needless to say, it was expensive and painful. I’ve gone several times now, but this past Tuesday was my last appointment, and we had to end with a bang, because for some reason my reaction to the anesthesia was mayor dizziness, which lasted all afternoon and night. I was still dizzy when I went to bed. Not fun.

But you know what is fun? Halloween! And today it’s trick or treat day! Or as I like to call it: free candy day! I’m not planning on going out, dressing up, or even handing out candy (there are no kids in my building). But I want to wish you all a happy Halloween and may it be a very, very sweet one!


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