Early BDay Gifts

Last Friday, I received two boxes when UPS came knocking on my door. They were from my parents, who had come back from a short visit to Caracas, just a few days before.

One box was filled with Venezuelan goodies: pepito, diablito y cocosettes, and some much needed pharmacy provisions: dol, buscapina, stamyl, and amoxicilina (just in case of emergencies).


The second box came baring birthday gifts. Yay, for early presents from afar! My godparents (Marie y Rafa) and cousins (Rebe y Dani) sent me a beautiful card and an astrology-tarot set 🙂 And my aunt (Mireya), uncle (Eduardo), and cousins (Caro y Eli) sent me a book on the history of cocoa and chocolate in Venezuela. Did you know Venezuela produces one of the best cocoas in the world? No? Well, now you know.


My parents sent me a beautiful card too 🙂 It made me tear up, both of them did actually. And a virgin! My virgin: La Milagrosa. Isn’t she pretty?



I found a perfect spot for her, and now I look at her from my desk when I’m working from home on the book.


Don’t you just love when presents come filled with well wishes and well, love? I do. I’m still smiling about it.



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