Crossed Off!

Last weekend we got cracking, and were able to cross off the Home-To-Do list something that had been on it even before I moved into the now not-so-new condo, last year.  We mounted the living room TV to the wall!

photo 1

I had bought the mount online back when I was in Miami, in the summer. I had    it waiting for me when I got back. I had gone online and found a handyman, and had scheduled and payed for mounting services. I was ready to go! But then Mike said: “Why pay for this? I think we can do this ourselves. How hard can it be?” And that little phrase right there, set us back about two whole months.

In any case, there is a personal satisfaction, not to mention a financial one, to DIYing it. I’m not very handy, and Mike claims he’s no handyman either, yet we have managed to do quite some upgrades in the condo by ourselves, and so far, so good. The TV is still holding on and hasn’t come crumbling down in the middle of the night (everything bad always happens in the middle of the night), so we think it’s a win!

photo 2

We still need to get a new TV console to hide all the cords shown underneath, plus this one I got used from Craigslist back in NYC some time ago, and it’s days are numbered. Which was one of the reasons I wanted to get the TV on the wall; I kept thinking the table would collapse any minute and that would be it for the TV. But getting a replacement is going to take a bit longer. Mike has a console that will work well, but he’s currently using it, so it can’t come in until he moves-in and brings with him all his furniture. Makes no sense to buy one now and then come next summer, have two consoles for which we will not have room. So we wait for that.

photo 3

The mount allows the TV to swivel and rotate, so we can see it from the kitchen while cooking, and while eating sitting at the kitchen bar. It’s perfect!

photo 4

Since these photos were taken, I connected the VCR for yoga, and I moved the equipment on the lower shelf around a bit. I also got a new plant in the background (from Mike’s stash) that looks awesome. So overall, it looks a tad different in real life at the moment. But it’s all coming along, and looking good.


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