The weekend came and went. I spent most of it driving to and from Carbondale, IL. I was attending a conference at Southern Illinois University, participating in a panel about Spirituality and Communication, and decided to drive there. It was ok, a little harsh on my bum because of all those hours sitting without a break, but overall the drive was not bad.

What I did notice when I got back was that I was significantly heavier than when I left. Like 3 lbs heavier! This is the heaviest  have ever been in my entire life. I know I say that now and then, but this time I think I have hit a milestone and not in a good way.

I have been walking and recently started to jog too. I do it every morning I can. Meaning I skip it if it’s raining or if I have to walk the dogs. When the dogs are around, my exercising walk is with them. But it’s not the same thing since, even though I get a lot of steps in (my pedometer is active every day), I don’t necessarily break a sweat, so I figure I’m not burning a lot of calories either.

The thing with me is that exercising will maintain me, but not help me lose weight. To lose weight, a lot of weight, which is what I need to lose now, I need to stop eating carbs and sugar, and that’s HARD for me. What I do intend to do is  cut back. Not go all Nazi on myself and cut me off every thing that is good in the culinary world, like I’ve done before. But cut back and not eat anything I want whenever I feel like it, which is what I have been doing for the past couple years.

Yet, as I try to do that, I continue to walk. The weather has been glorious these past weeks, and who would want to miss this view every morning? Not me!

IMG_4733 IMG_4819 IMG_4826 IMG_4833 IMG_4848 IMG_4849


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