This past weekend was a good one, we did a bit of everything. The week before, I worked hard on the paper for the upcoming conference, which hopefully I’ll be done with today, as well as went to three doctor’s appointments and a work meeting I thought was a good idea to attend (I’m on leave and don’t have to go in to the office at all). But, back to the weekend.

We ran some shopping errands: birthday gift, groceries, Petco, and a hanging project were all tackled. Errands with Mike are both great (he helps carry the heavy stuff) and horrible (he hates it and pouts the entire time). He says I need a girlfriend to accompany me and liberate him. He’s right, I do need a good girlfriend in town, but for drinks, sushi, and hours of idle chit chat, not running errands.

Anyway, we had lunch out at Noodles & Co. (a new place for us) and even got a nap in before heading out to the burbs. It was Mike’s younger sister Meg’s birthday (Happy Birthday Meg!) and Scott, Mike’s brother, was cooking for her/us. It’s so awesome for Mike to have his family so close. I always tell him how lucky he is, because for me to have what he has there would need to be moves from NY, Miami, and Chicago back to Caracas, and that’s not happening again, at least not in this lifetime. Le sigh.

Sunday was supposed to be the day we finally went to do something I like: art! I mean, I enjoy a good baseball game as much as the next girl, but sometimes it feels like my life now revolves around whichever football, baseball, golf or basketball game is on TV, and if you know me, baseball and fútbol is where my love of sport dies. So Sunday, we went to the Edgewater Art Fair, the last one of the season, to check out some pieces. I’m looking for 3 pieces for 3 spots I have reserved for art, but haven’t found anything I absolutely love yet.

On our way back from the fair we discovered a new-for-us antique mall on Broadway and it had pretty cool stuff. I love antiquing, there’s something almost magical about walking around pieces of furniture, clothes, and all sorts of nick-knacks from other eras… just to picture what it must have been like to live at the time those things were all new, is like stepping in to a flashback fairytale… awesome!

We made our way back home walking and taking the El. I don’t ride the train here at all. Just once in a blue moon, we decide to take it. The closest stop is just around the corner, so it makes sense… it’s just, now that I have a car again, I rather drive.

We had lunch at bopNgrill, they have really good hamburgers and cheesy fries, and then stopped by the Jarvis Oktoberfest, which was tiny, but still seemed festive. We walked the dogs, went to the lake several times during the weekend (the boys love the lake) and took a few naps, while Mike caught up on football (the US kind, not the real fútbol).

So not bad, huh? I feel like I live for weekends now that I’m older… I have to say I am enjoying tons my research leave. I am walking, reading, writing, eating… all at my own pace, and I’m loving it. Sometimes, on Sunday nights I’m looking forward to Monday, so I can continue tackling something I’m excited about and working on writing-wise. But weekends, are still the times to sleep, nap, pleasure read, and do fun and sometimes not-so-fun-but necessary stuff. And weekends are the days I get to see Mike and the boys, so yeah, I live for weekends these days, at least I look forward to them during the week, more so than before.

How are your weekends? Do you anticipate them and yell out TGIF when they come?


2 responses to “Weekends

  1. If I lived in Chicago, I’d most definitely would hang out with you! In fact, if I make it there for the LASA conference next year, ¡te llamo!


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