On Skin

I have combination skin. Oily in the T-zone and now that I’m starting to age, drier around the eyes and checks. So at age 40 I still get spots on a monthly basis. I’ve never had acne, not even as an adolescent, but I’ve always had spots now and then, and whenever I apply too much moisturizer or sunscreen on my face, immediately I get a breakout.

A couple weeks ago my breakouts came in as a combo pack, and I had them on my forehead, left cheek, eyebrow, and even one close to my mouth. One too many, if you ask me. So I started looking into cleansing products, thinking if I change my products and possibly cleansing routing, my skin could look better.

I had been eying the Clarisonic brush for sometime. My blogger friend San decided to take the plunge (they are not cheap) and purchased one, she reviewed it here. But I saw a Proactiv commercial on TV and they were advertising their skin cleansing/clearing system with an added brush, so I went for it.


Thus far I’ve only used it for a few days, but since the first time I tried it, my sense was my skin was totally clean and felt smoother, silkier. The spots, well, they’re still there, I think it takes more than two days to clear them out. The 30 day trial of the system seems small though, and I’m not sure it will last me 30 days using it twice a day as recommended. So I’m just using it once, at night, before bedtime. I figure, my skin is a bit sensitive to begin with, and I don’t really have the problems of the people they show in their photos, so I might as well start slow.

I’ll let you know how it goes as days go by using the products. Do you have any products you absolutely love for your face? Any you can recommend for a 40 year old, sensitive, combination complexion? Have you tried Proactiv? How did it work for you?


3 responses to “On Skin

  1. I’ve used proactiv before and it definitely helped clearing up my blemishes but I found it to be too harsh and drying for continued use. I have some proactive stuff still sitting in my cabinet and I have used it occasionally for on the spot treatment.
    How are you liking the brush? Does it vibrate? Spin?


    • I find it a bit strong too, and my skin feels a little taught. I’m only using it once a day though, at night, and in the mornings I use my usual Cetaphil. My skin does feel cleaner throughout the day, although I think I’m feeling a spot coming out on my nose, which has me a bit puzzled.
      I like the brush. I only use it once a day too, at night with the proactiv products. So far, I like it, but I am applying a lot of moisturizer to compensate for the dryness.


    • The brush spins and vibrates a little bit. It has two spinning speeds. I’ve only used the slower one. I’m not sure I’m going to continue with these products though, they seem too strong and are drying out my skin. I’ve skipped using them a few times already to give my skin a break.


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