Achieving Productivity

Remember some weeks back, when I mentioned I started playing the Sims and was hooked? Well, I continue playing daily, and recently I came to realize one of the reasons why I like it so much. I figured, it has to do with the fact that these Sims get things done.

You see, each Sim has an ID bar, with 6 different categories, each of which needs to be filled. As a player responsible for your Sims, you need to make sure they do activities within each of the categories, so that they remain filled and don’t collapse. If for example, you don’t make a Sim eat enough, they well walk around in a zombie-like state, and if you don’t take them to the bathroom often enough, they will pee themselves and stink. Not desired states. But every time a Sim completes an action you get Simoleons and XP points. Simoleons allow you to purchase things for your Sims and your city, and XPs accumulate and help you move up in game levels. Sims also go to school or work (depending on their age), build relationships, and practice hobbies. The kicker is that they can only do one thing at a time, and when you have committed them to a particular activity for a particular amount of time, they have to stick to it until they are done! A novelty, I tell you.

I am a multitasker, and a pretty darn good one too. I think I was multitasking from the get-go, in the womb. I’m sure I slept, sucked my thumb, grew, sucked up nutrients from the umbilical cord, and kicked all at the same time. As an adult, I continue to multitask daily. I play Sims, while I cook, have a drink, FaceTime, check emails, and read attachments. Yes, sometimes I burn the rice and have to start it over from scratch, but more often than not I get all those things done in one sitting.

The thing is I constantly feel like I have a huge to-do list and because I’m doing too many little things at once, I’m not getting any of the big things, that require focus, concentration, and time, completed. Enter, the Sims. I’m beginning to think that going back to doing one thing at a time, really doing it, focusing solely on that and concentrating, dedicating all my attention and time to finishing it in one sitting, is what will work best for me. At least, I’m convincing myself I need to give it a try. I’m talking myself into giving the Sims-way a good-ol’ college try. Of course, putting the game away will be a good starting point, right?

Anyway, what I’m getting at is: I need to be more productive. Fall is already here (in date and temperature) and by end of it I need to finish my book manuscript, write a paper for a panel presentation (this is due in 2 weeks) and finish two articles and submit them to journals. A LOT, I know. I also want to not drop the ball on this blog and continue posting on my Dr. Jen Mata site.

Another goal is to exercise daily, at least walk, to see it I can get myself in a losing-weight mode again, and resume practicing yoga and meditation. For yoga, I really need to find a center to join, one with hours that I can actually attended at a somewhat constant frequency. For meditation, I decided to purchase and begin practicing the Silva Method. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t until last week, when I bought the online course. I began the program and have started listening to some of the exercises. So far, so good.

My goal is to be more focused, centered, and motivated to have the end result be: be more productive. An then this morning, I got this message, and it definitely struck a chord:

Striving for success
without hard work
is like trying to harvest
where you haven’t planted.
-David Bly, shared by Courtney in Durand, MI
From Paul, The Ripples Guy’s Pebbles.


How do you get yourself to do what you need to do? How do you stay focused? Some say taking mini-breaks every 45 minutes or so, helps. But every time I take a break it ends up being not so mini, and I lose track of what I was doing before, for about an hour or more. If you have any wonderful tips, please share, I’d love to figure out how to improve my productivity ASAP.


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