My Weekend

I spent last week out in the suburbs, at Mike’s place. I left the city Thursday afternoon, so we could go out and have dinner on our way to babysit little Adriana. Over the weekend we went to see an Alabama game at Another Round, Alabama’s alma mater bar in the suburbs, and had a really good time. We got to see and spend more time with Adriana then too. Alabama won, as they usually do, so that wasn’t bad either.

Sunday was low key, which was exactly what I needed and the rest of the week involved work, walking dogs, feeding dogs, calming dogs freaking out from thunder storms (Charlie), and preventing dogs from bullying others (Max).



There was some updating of my new site, its FB page and posts on Twitter. Some online shopping, and the discovery of a new (for me) meditation method, I’ll share with you in another post. And of course, food, there is always food. Mike’s breakfast are the best, they always include bacon, and who doesn’t love bacon?


It was a good week, but being away from home for so many days, I had high expectations for this coming weekend. I was going to attend a bootcamp session workshop for a test I need to take in order to get certification in Illinois. We were going to give the boys a much deserved bath. We were going to mount the TV in the living room. We were going to have dinner at the new restaurant around the corner, and at some point we were going to visit Expo Chicago. Well, the only thing we did on that list was have dinner at R Public House, and that was because it happened Friday night; the rest was a bust. By the way, R Public House has the coolest jukebox, at least this is the first one I’ve seen like it.


Anyhow, Mike woke up around 2 am Saturday morning with a bad case of tummy ache, and proceeded to have a fever, pain, and the runs ALL weekend long. I made it to the afternoon session of the bootcamp, only to be stood up, because the instructor didn’t show 😦

My weekend consisted of several trips to Walgreen’s to get medicine and provisions for Mike, walks for the dogs, cooking for everyone, laundry, and cleaning. Definitely no rest for the wicked. Although, I did get to watch the Emmy’s, which were great. I loved Elton John’s song. Well, I just love Elton John and everything he sings.

This was poor Mike’s view/life these past days:


How was your weekend? I’m hoping I won’t get what Mike had next. I have no time to be in bed for 2-3 days. And I hope you don’t get it either. Here’s hoping your weekend was better than ours!


3 responses to “My Weekend

  1. Did you like r public house? That is in my corner of chicago too. We have not made it there yet.

    • Hi Christina, welcome to my blog! We did like R Public House very much. We’ve been there twice now, and both times had very good experiences with the food. I had a meaty pizza the first time there and a prosciutto/goat cheese sandwich the second time, and they were both delicious. Mike had a salad he loved and then chicken wings with teriyaki sauce, he says was finger licking good. The ambience is also very nice and friendly. I hope you like it when you visit.

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