Where did we fail?

I worked from the library close to Mike’s new place today, and I planned to go back tomorrow. I’m spending some time in the suburbs and, as much of a city girl as I am, I’m embracing it. The boys bark like crazy during the day and want to go out for a walk ALL THE TIME. So getting out of Mike’s apartment to work somewhere else, somewhere dog-free, is best for me.

Today I was there only two hours. I arrived around 11 am and left a little over 1 pm, because I was hungry and wanted to go get some lunch. I decided to go back home after lunch, which work-wise was a mistake, because I didn’t get much done after that. Between the crazy barking and demanding dogs, and the shots in DC’s Naval Shipyard, there was no much work I could complete.


So let’s talk about these random shootings, basically all done by insane men, because theses crazies have all been men thus far. What are your thoughts? I’m mostly numb by all this by now, but the numbness does not make it less scary to think that this can happen to anyone of us, at any point, because the fact is these victims were, as many of the others, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I mean, there’s always a motive, there’s always a reason why these guys go off the deep end, most often than not they weren’t all there to begin with. But the victims are random. It’s not like they go after their life-long bully to get even, it’s random people at a movie theater, at a school, at a marathon, at work…and for what? The shooter most often than not ends up dead, so why do it?

As an educator, I believe my charge is to “form” people, to help them become the best them they can possibly be. My job entails teaching my students skills, passing on my knowledge, and helping them practice until they get it right. But aside from that, my mission is also to help them uncover who they are, what they value and believe in, and to some extent shape those beliefs into a practice which would be considered appropriate. So when I think about these people, who have gone through the system, both the social and educative systems in this society, and turn out to be these random, crazy innocent-people-killers, I can’t but ask myself where did we go wrong? How did we fail so badly, this was the result?

What do you think? Who is responsible, I guess is not what is ultimate important here, but what can we do so this does not continue to happen, is what I believe we need to focus on. What do we need to modify, change, improve? How do we prevent continuing to produce this kind of citizen in our society? Is there something to be done? Can we do it now? Will it have immediate results? Or will we have to endure more of these random shootings until we finally understand what is it we need to address in order to get it right?

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One response to “Where did we fail?

  1. I think it’s a myriad of societal problems that lead to those kinds of incidents. To identify and address them will take time, research, resources. In my opinion, the easiest thing to do right now is to take away the guns. Nobody needs access to an assault rifle or even a handgun (in my opinion). It’s not the solve-all solution, but it would be a start until we figure out the rest.


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