On Work

I can’t sleep. I woke up around 3am and could not go back to sleep. I tried. I tossed and turned a few too many times, but nothing. I decided to get up and do something productive with my time, since I was thinking of work anyway.

I haven’t talked about it here, I recently developed a professional website. I have had this personal blog since 2005 and have written devotedly, constantly on it since 2006. But I rarely get into work or professional content, because this is, well, personal. But over the summer break I decided that I wanted to do something more professional and designed a website on education, specifically early childhood development and education, which is my area of expertise.

So from 3 am, I’ve been updating both my new Dr. Jen Mata website and my old, but still going since 2006, Interests in Spirituality: Encountering the Divine (spirituality related) website.

Dr Jen Mata Website


Dr Jennifer Mata Welcome

Dr Jen Twitter

If you are interested you can find my new site here, follow me on twitter here, and see my FB page for the site here. I also have an email specifically for the new site’s matters and it’s drjenmata@gmail.com If you are interesting in asking questions or submitting ideas for posts, that’s a good way to reach me.


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