If you’ve ever had to share a living space with me, you know that I like things clean and orderly. Cleaning? Well, if I had someone to do it for me, that would be brilliant. But since my live-in-maid days are long gone, I clean for myself now. Not that I love it, but for some odd reason it’s something to do when I’m on the phone, or my favorite way to procrastinate when working from home. So it gets done.

Organizing is a whole other story. I love organizing. I find it therapeutic at times. There is clutter? Let me at it! Seriously, The Container Store is like a little piece of heaven to me. And finding new ways of organizing dressers, drawers, shelves, cabinets, and closets is equivalent to a double scoop rainbow or orange sherbet from Baskin n’ Robbins on a hot summer day.

Because, you see, of course the organizing does not stop at what-the-eye-can-see level, no siree, the proof behind a true organized person comes when you open a cabinet door, or crack open a drawer. In the secret hidden spots, there lies evidence of the true level of OCD behind the every-thing-ALWAYS-in-it’s-place kind of life. And in my little order-or-die world my closets are beginning to bother me.

I live by myself in a 3 bedroom apartment, and each bedroom has a closet. I also have a small coat closet in the entryway, a dresser in the bedroom (which are the only drawers I have had in the past 10 years), and cabinets in the two bathrooms and kitchen. Oh, and I have a storage unit downstairs in the basement, the size of small bedroom. So for one person, there seems to be a lot of space here to store things, at least theoretically.

To be fair to myself,  there are some cabinets in the kitchen which are still empty or emptyish, the guest bathroom’s cabinet stores toilet paper only, and the guest bedroom’s closet is usually pretty empty, waiting to store my guest’s clothes. Except for right now because I’m working on a few projects which are stored in there, and some size 4 clothes which I’m still trying to transition out of my life, are also living there for now. So more or less, there is still empty space here and there. But the other two bedroom closets, the coat closet and the master bathroom cabinets are full, not to the rim, but full nonetheless.

It bugs me to have so much stuff. Every time I think about Mike moving in and bringing his stuff, I get a little panic attack, because “where are we going to fit all the stuff?!” I guess it will be in the storage room, which is quite unused, and currently stores empty boxes and moving/painting supplies. Mike brought a shelving unit he had in his old house to organize stuff in there, but we still need to assemble it. There’s a lot of space down there, it just needs to be better organized, and I’ll get to that soon.

My closet though, is another story. It is full. I can’t fit another pair of shoes in there even if I wanted to. There are a handful of pairs of shoes I don’t use and would benefit from taking to the Salvation Army, but I haven’t gotten around parting with them just yet. Clothes? There’s a ton of those too. All my clothes are out, from all seasons, so the closet is really full.  The top shelf holds my bags. I’ve been taking out old, raggedy bags and giving them away, as well as clothes and some shoes. The Salvation Army is my go-to place, with big bags of contributions, at least every other month. I’m on a mission, I tell you! But I still have a lot of (too much) stuff.

Last week I decided to organize the top shelf of my closet. I have the before and after shots, and now that I look at them, they seem almost identical. Sigh.

These are the before shots:





And these are the after shots:





I used the shelf dividers I bought at The Container Store, to help stack the bags on their sides, and create a little more surface space on the shelf. But it doesn’t look wow different, does it?

It did open it up a bit, and now I could easily place one of these metallic shelves on top of the bags and create a second story to the shelf, but right now I don’t have anything that needs to be stored in there (thank God!), so I’m not doing it.

If I ever did have to share this closet with Mike, I guess I would need to pack up my clothes and keep out only the ones I was going to use during the current season, and store everything else in the storage unit. I dread thinking about that. Thankfully, the closet in the study has a lot of free hanging space, which is what Mike uses currently. He doesn’t keep there even a quarter of his clothes, just a few things he uses on weekends when he’s here, but still, I think that closet could be better utilized, thus keeping my freakouts in control, at least for now.

Do you like organizing? Do yo color code? Season code? Or piece code your closet?


2 responses to “Organizing

  1. Funnily enough I just sorted through half of my closet on Sunday.
    Only the T-Shirt, Tops, Pullover, Sweatpants part of it though, not the trouser, dresses, skirts and blouses part.
    But better than nothing, right?
    And this time I color coordinated. I never did that before but somehow it seemed like a good idea this time.
    And I managed to eliminate some things I am simply not wearing anymore.


    • Darn right! I color coordinate too, but within pieces. I have a section for pants, blouses/shirts, dresses, skirts, and sweaters/jackets in my closet. Within each category of clothes I color coordinate so it’s easier to find what I’m looking for. I do this in my drawers too with underwear, socks, t-shirts, sweat pants and PJs. It’s fun to clean out and make room for, well, just empty space. I want to get rid of things, the most I can… don’t know why but I’m a little obsessed with purging these days.


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