Max’s Progress

We are making progress with Max. I think. This past weekend was  going to be a test to his behavior, because we were going to be together again all four of us, since the previous weekend’s incident.

Mike and I compromised and the dogs had access to the bed during the day, if we were lounging around on it. But at night the bed was off limits. This is easy to do in my place, because my bed is tall enough to be a challenge for them to get on it. But in Mike’s place the bed is low, so they are encouraged to jump on whenever they feel like it.

Anyway, it seemed to work. Max growled at me once when I was coming into the room and he was on the bed with Mike. I grabbed him and placed him on the floor and told him “No more bed for you. If you growl, you are off”. At night they were off the bed and we were not crowded, which meant I slept through the night, so soundly I didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. This meant the mid-night growling was completely avoided this weekend. Both Max and Charlie slept on the floor, Max usually under the bed, and Charlie in one of the dog beds.

We are also making progress with the crate. Max doesn’t completely go into it yet, but he takes his treats from inside the crate. I even caught him peeping in to sniff and see if there was anything in there (i.e. a treat) at some random times, hours after I had placed a treat in the crate and he had chopped it up.

So progress. I think. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t  regress. Mike took him when he left on Monday. I felt bad for the poor fellow, he seems so sad and abandon when he’s here with me by himself, and the rest of his pack is somewhere else. You should had seen how excited he got when I told him on Friday Mike and Charlie were coming, he couldn’t wait! So, off he went with the rest of the boys when they left on Monday, and hopefully Mike is following through. We’ll see what happens next weekend.


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