Decor Progress

Decorating progress has been made in the condo. I had a print from a Venezuelan artist my dad gave me years ago, that needed a frame. So during my last trip to IKEA to return the lamp shades, I found one and it worked perfectly. Now the print is framed and hung, living in the master bathroom, and I admire it every day.

IMG_4633IMG_4634My grandmother had sent me one of my grandfather’s paintings as a gift. My parents had brought it back from Caracas on their last trip there, and they had mailed it to be some months ago. It had been in the living room, leaning against the wall, on the floor, because I just could decide where to hang it. Finally,with Mike’s help, I decided to move things around and hang the new painting and an old one I had next to the bar, together in the main living room wall. Now it looks like this:


That top painting, with the three figures used to live in the wall where I have the bars (yeah, I don’t drink all that much, yet I have a bar AND a bar cart). But since it moved over to the living room, I fetched two photographs I had stored and gave them a new home:

IMG_4636That’s my grandfather, Emilio, better known as Toty, the painter of the art in the living room. We also hung a dragonfly hook in the master bedroom, so I can look at outfits I want to wear in the morning. It comes in handy.


And my latest project, aside from the lamp shades (done with one in my office, still have to spray paint a second one I found at the Salvation Army), is a search for the perfect mirror to place on the wall above the bar cart, right here:

IMG_4637So there you have it, progress! Next on the list is: replace a ceiling lamp glass which broke (already purchased, waiting for it in the mail), mount the living room TV (mount waiting in the closet for Mike), paint the kitchen (this is a big project we both have been putting off), hang a shelf I bought some time ago for when we are done with the painting job, complete an art project to hang and cover the switchboard (already have all the materials for this), an find some art work for the master bedroom (a big piece to place on top of the headboard). I also want to add a back-splash to the kitchen, and paint all the doors and door frames, but I might need to hire someone for that.


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