My New Office

The College of Education moved, back in June. I packed my 34 boxes and everything was moved into my new office. but since Sophie came to visit the last week of June and then we went to Miami for a month, it wasn’t until August that I could unpack my boxes, and put everything in order in their new home.

This is the end result, at least for now:


I had been missing a lamp shade for months. I bought one from IKEA and it didn’t quite fit. I searched high and low, and finally decided to look in thrift stores. I found this cream color shade, it was new, still wrapped in it’s original cellophane paper, and the right size for my lamp. Over the weekend I spray painted it teal to give it a little oomph. Here it is:


I still need to hang all the diplomas. They’re in that box next to the desk, the only box left. But that needs to happen through the college’s maintenance department and it can’t be ordered until September, so we wait. I also want to add some art work, and possibly a mirror to this wall. I’m searching for something nice to get for this space:


We are, hopefully soon, getting shades for our glass doors. But in the mean time, my neighbor from across the hall has the Bieber keeping us company. He freaks me out every time. It seems as though there’s someone standing there just staring at me. But as my neighbor says, it’s just Justin.


I like my new space, it’s comfy to work in, Justin aside. Now that I’m all settled in, you can visit any time, maybe we can even work on a project together.


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