Thank you so much for all your responses, tips and advice, and also words of encouragement regarding our issues with Max. We have been reading your suggestions and been doing some research of our own. I am hopeful we will overcome this and it won’t get to a “banned out of the house” situation. I have faith in us as trainers and Max as a learner, he’s quite a smart cookie, just needs a little help. I will keep you posted with progress.

And as a little thank you, here’s a song I recently discovered, which has quickly become one of my favorites:



3 responses to “Thanks!

  1. He is good! And not just this song. Just listened into his album.
    Thanks for the tip 🙂


    • Isn’t he? I discovered him while I was in Miami last month and promptly bought his album. Love it!


      • I downloaded the CD. 🙂
        I am listening to it right now while I am (still) at work. It’s 5 o’clock now, every Thursday we have to stay until 5. And as I overslept my alarm this morning I will even stay 20 minutes more.


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