Updates and Weekend Fun

This weekend (including Thursday and Friday) was packed with different activities. Though it started out on a very sad note. A good friend of Mike’s from school died in a car/bike accident, and the husband of a colleague of mine also passed away in a car accident, due to heart failure. We had wakes and funerals to go to on both Thursday night and Friday morning.

Saying goodbye to loved ones is always so hard, especially if they leave unexpectedly like these two men did. Both widows were so graceful and stoic, real troopers, hugging and talking to everyone there. One of the events was crazy packed, but both were well attended, and those women smiled in-between tears all through it. I hope they appreciated the support, and it wasn’t an imposition on them, because God knows I would have wanted to be left alone and not have to put on a brave face for everyone there. So I hope having to go through all that was in a way helpful to their mourning process and not an added stressor.

This makes it three deaths of people I knew, in a little over a month. And they have all occurred in car accidents. Here in Illinois, they have signs in the highways with the toll of deaths by accidents thus far, and the number keeps hiking up. Every time I see it I cringe, and think about Harriette and now these two friends who are now also gone.

On Friday we drove over to the suburbs to get together with Mike’s family. His dad drove in from Kentucky because on Saturday we were going to the races. We went to Mike’s brother’s new house and had a fun time eating, drinking and talking the night away. Adriana, Mike’s niece and goddaughter, is so adorable and growing so fast. I don’t have any new photos of her, but I’ll post some as soon as I get them, promise.

Saturday, after walking the boys and eating a little something, we were off to the 2013 Arlington Million Race at Arlington Million Park. Take a look:

It was fun to bet on the horses and root for our picks, although we didn’t win a dime on any of our bets, which was a little disappointing. Scott and Meghan won a few times, so it wasn’t a total loss for the group.

After the ponies, because we were close, we stopped by IKEA to return some lamp shades I had in the trunk of my car since June. They gave me store credit and I got a throw blanket and a picture frame for a print that’s also been in the trunk of my car and on my to-do list for a while now.

On Sunday it was work on the house and art fair day. There were some lose screws to tighten, some door stoppers to glue back on, some paintings and prints to rearrange and hang up, and some window drains to clean out. So after all that fun work was done, we headed out to the Glenwood Ave Art Festival here in the neighborhood. I was wishful I would find some art to buy for new wall spaces I have new ideas for, but nope, I didn’t completely fall in love with anything, so I didn’t bring anything home. We did have fun walking around, listening to live music, drinking and eating goodies, while enjoying art.

After the festival, the dogs were walked by Mike, while I prepped dinner. After we all ate, the boys were off back to the burbs. I read, caught up with some of my blogs and watched a bit of TV.  Weekend fun now officially over. How was your weekend? Anything fun? Any home improvements? I’ll show you mine in the next post.


2 responses to “Updates and Weekend Fun

  1. I really need to go to a race track. I haven’t been and I always wanted to.
    Sounds like a lot of fun and a good weekend.

    Except for the funerals of course. It’s so tragic that so many people die in car accidents and most of the time it is not even their fault.

    I have been on a spontaneous riding seminar on Sunday and as we have been off Wednesday to Sunday we did a lot on our garage and garden.
    I have to write a post about that and show some pictures.

    By the way, what I wanted to ask you, this article about getting kids or not, could you maybe scan it and send it to me? I can’t find it anywhere I would have to order a complete magazine.


    • I think you would love a race track! That riding seminar sounds great, right up your alley.
      I’ll look into scanning the article for you. I bought the magazine, so I have it at home. I need to take it to work and ask for it to be scanned, hopefully I can get to it tomorrow.


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