Do you play The Sims game? Back in the 90s I was hooked on Sim City. I loved that game. I would play it for hours and when I was not playing I would think about it. I would roam the city, the real actual city I lived in (Caracas, at that time), thinking how the buildings would look like if they were part of my Sim city. I would get ideas and then replicate them in my city, or I would wonder why they had built a certain street there, or how they could add more roads here. I lived that game, inside and outside of it.

While in Miami, not sure what triggered it, I went looking for Sim City in the App Store. They didn’t have Sim City, but I found The Sims Free Play and I downloaded it. After just a day both Sophie and I were hooked on it, and now I play it every day. I have 8 Sims so far, still no babies or teens, just adults. But they all have jobs and hobbies, and relationships, and now and then they visit other cities and meet other people’s Sims.

It’s fun, it’s like living parallel lives of all the possibilities I ever imagined my life could turn out to be. I’m hooked I tell you. Do you play? Did you play Sim City back then too? Do you like to envision the what-ifs of life and play them out virtually? Apparently, I do.


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