Miami: Fourth Week

Week 4 was my last week in Miami, and it was great. I want to say it was the best because we had 3 more family members join us, but all weeks were great, so that would be unfair to claim.

 This is what went down:

  • A great visit from an ex-colleague and friend from Venezuela. We talked for hours and hours.
  • A whole day of swimming-pool fun.
  • Baking! A key lime pie for Mike’s birthday and a pavlova for a BBQ we had on Saturday.IMG_4511IMG_4558
  • Mike arrived from Chicago, to spend 5 days with us.
  • Liz arrived from NY to spend a week at my parents’.
  • My aunt Mireya came from Caracas to stay for 10 days at my parents’.
  • A shopping spree at Dolphin Mall. We had to take Mireya.
  • A fun afternoon at the Marlins Park inclosed stadium, to see a Marlins-Mets game. The Mets lost, but we still had fun and lots of food.
  • One last Mani with the great Arlenys at Stylos.
  • A birthday dinner for Mike at the Melting Pot, yummy!
  • A golf outing for Mike, he enjoyed that.
  • A delicious BBQ, courtesy of my dad, with family and friends.
  • A family game night of Family Feud, our favorite game.

Mike and I flew out on Sunday morning, back to Chicago, back to the grind. It was so great to be able to spend some down time with my parents and Sophie. And then even greater to spend time there with Mike, Liz and my aunt, whom I hadn’t seen in over 3 years. Vacations should last forever, shouldn’t they? But they don’t, so now it’s back at it. Write, read, write, that’s what I’ll be doing the rest of the summer.


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