Miami: Third Week

Week 3 in Miami was a bit more active than week 2. Here is what we were up to:

  • A tarot/astrology session with my mom, and then my dad joined in too.
  • A visit to Jungle Island. Great lions and tigers, and a huge collection of birds. Well worth the visit.
  • A visit to Dolphin Mall, where I scored the Forever 21 goods.
  • Meals at El Parador, Versailles, and Il Forno, both delicious in their own particular way.
  • Fun Swimming Pool time.
  • A new mani/pedi. These Cuban manicurists are truly the very best!
  • Ice cream visit to Cold Stone and Baskin Robbins (they still make Rainbow Sherbet, my favorite since 1976).
  • A day at Rapids Water Park. Black Thunder is the bomb, at one point you feel like you might just die right there and then.
  • Exercise twice this week.
  • A family visit, in which food, drinks, and lots of conversation was had.
  • A consult with Silvia Rioja, my parents’ astrology teacher, which proved enlightening and some what reassuring.
  • A visit to the local library, from where I borrowed Maya Angelou’s “Letter to my Daughter”, which is what I currently reading.

I have also done quite some blogging (as you might have noticed), I’m revitalizing my Interests in Spirituality website, and have continued to sleep a whole lot too. So, not bad, huh?


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