I started a new blog on Tumblr to experiment with fiction writing. I called it  Abrázame como que si me quisieras, which is something I say jokingly to my dad when he tries to give me a half hug. You know the kind, the type with just one arm, with a little pat on the back, and looking the other way. So when he tries to pull one of those on me, I say “hug me as if you loved me, with both arms.”

When Mike tries to pass the same back pat as a hug, I also tell him “pretend you love me, come on, you can do it, with both hands.” So, I used my playful phrase for pretend love as the title for a blog on fiction, I thought it was fitting. I named it in Spanish because I wanted my writing to be bilingual. The first post is called WTF, FB? and it’s written in both English and Spanish.

I’m beginning to realize though, that maintaining two blogs is quite a challenge. I can barely keep up with this blog, especially when I’m working (I’m on a much needed vacation/break from work this month, hence the proliferation of posts). Thus I figured I’d create a Fiction category, and post those fiction posts here. This is why you’ll find a new category and from time to time, will see posts with fictitious stories. I hope you enjoy them.


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