Ode to Forever 21

You might all already know the greatness of Forever 21, but I figured I feed the shopping dragon, and share my love for their jewelry and accessories. I am far from being 21, so the clothes and style of this store is over my age range, and what is suitable for me to wear. I have over the years found some clothing pieces there that I wore and enjoyed, and actually gave a trendy umph to my wardrobe. But mainly, I love Forever 21 for it’s incredibly affordable accessories and costume jewelry. Here is what I scored today:




I figured I needed some new hair accessories to go with my new hair look. I already wore the gold bow headband and the cross ring, and loved them both. Costume jewelry is not what I usually wear on a daily basis, because they tend to tarnish quickly. I’m allergic to all non-gold earrings, which give me a rash, and costume necklaces tend to turn black and stain my neck, so I stay away from those. But, rings? I love the crazy trendy designs costume rings have to offer, and more often than not I can’t resist them.

Looking into how to recover rings sitting in the bottom of my jewelry box because they’ve turned pinkish or dark, I found a couple videos on cleaning this kind of jewelry, and would you believe it’s as simple as using tooth paste? I can’t wait to try this once I go back home, I just might be able to salvage many awesome Forever 21 rings lingering about. Do you wear costume jewelry? Have you tried to clean it before? Did it work?


2 responses to “Ode to Forever 21

  1. So how do you clean them??

    • You use whitening tooth paste, the one that has peroxide, because this is what will get the jewelery clean, and rub it on the jewelry with your fingers. Then rinse it with running water and pat dry with a paper towel. It should come out clean and shiny.

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