Miami: Second Week

I didn’t make my bed this morning, I usually do. I guess I got distracted after I got up. It’s been some lazy, sleepy days in Miami lately. It has been raining non-stop, which makes it difficult to make plans for outdoor activities. I have managed to get some exercising walks in here and there and some fun times at the pool, but mostly I feel like I have caught up on sleep and blog reading. Sleep, something I absolutely love to do, yet when I do too much of it, it leaves me feeling drowsy and unmotivated.

A few days ago I discovered Lee Brice. Did you know about him? I love country music, and while listening to the country pop radio station on Pandora the other day, I bumped into Lee and instantly loved him. I bought his Hard 2 Love album on iTunes, and my all time favorite song right now is A Woman Like You. Do you like country music? No? Well, it’s not for everyone I guess. I love it because each song is a heartfelt story. Last summer, I discovered Griffin House and bought The Learner and a couple songs from Flying Upside Down. I fell in love with The Guy that Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind. Can you sense a sappy trend here? Yeah, that’s the water sign, emotional side of me.

I’m missing Mike. We’ve gotten into two “fights” so far. He says it’s because I’m bored and have too much time on my hands to think, and apparently, when I think nothing good comes out of it, at least relationship-wise. The discussions have been about lingering things, nothing major, just aspects in which we don’t see eye-to-eye. But I’m left missing the making-up portion of the discussion. I miss him, I wish he was here… two more weeks until he comes.

This afternoon we are off to see Despicable Me 2 in 3D. I’m not a fan of 3D… those glasses are bothersome. But Sophie insists it’s the best, “it makes the awesome parts even more awesome!”, so we are all going. The week she spent in Chicago, we went to see Monsters University, and we both loved it, so we have high expectations about this one too.

So there’s the update. What have you all been up to? Enjoying summer, discovering new tunes, watching movies, sleeping in, and getting into discussion with your far away boyfriend like me? No? Well, spill the beans already, will ya? I’m kinda bored here with all this free time.


2 responses to “Miami: Second Week

  1. As I am at work,…. nothing big has happened. I guess I have the wrong job if I hear you talking about going away for weeks at a time!!
    I would love to have so much time off to just go to a beach house, or any holiday house for that matter. Oh how I miss the ocean.
    I am working until the 16th of September with just one public holiday and one leave day in-between now and then.
    I had off yesterday afternoon though to go to the hair dresser and the dentist as it is my cousins wedding on Saturday and I couldn’t find the time to have my hair cut.

    On the 16th of September we are flying to Scotland for a 13 day holiday. I CAN’T WAIT!!

    • Your 13 day holiday in Scotland, sounds terrific. I bet you can’t wait. I just have this time off because I’m not teaching in the summer, and have a research leave for the Fall term, which actually began July 1st as per HR. I decided to take the month of July off before starting to write (which I need to get on as soon as I get back to Chicago) because I needed a break from all the student drama of the past two terms. That truly drains me, and I felt I needed a little recharging before tackling my writing. But I think a month is too long of a break, because I’m starting to feel restless. But I also know I shouldn’t complain and just enjoy it; I know it will not last long once it’s all said and done.

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