New Look!

I have super fine, super straight, super soft baby hair, always have, and apparently always will. No matter how much wishing  for curls I did as a kid, they never came. I was destined to have straight, unstylable hair, and I have come to terms with that fact.

But because of that fact, I always seem to have the same hairstyle. I get haircuts and no one notices, it just looks the same, some inches shorter, but pretty much the same. Layers, no layers, it’s still very straight. The only difference, over time, has been a bob I’ve sported twice, and bangs or no bangs. And because I don’t like to spend too much time on my hair, and bangs usually require styling, and I also don’t like to have my sight impaired by hair on my face, I have preferred to forgo bangs.

It might also be I had bangs for the longest time as a child, and it took forever to have them grow out. That might be the cause of my bang trauma now. But I needed a new look, especially in summer time, when it’s just too hot for blow drying (which is the only way I get a semblance of style in my otherwise virgen looking hair), and I end up with a messy bun or a  ponytail to avoid melting away.

Before coming to Miami, when the heat was beginning to set in Chicago, I was thinking of cutting my hair short, shoulder length, and had been looking at these: Google search images. Shoulder length would still allow me to pull my hair up when hot, and it would give me a much needed change as well. But then I started focusing on the bangs, and was looking at these images. And then this morning, I bumped into this and this video on You Tube, and proceeded to convince my mom, who is quick with a pair of scissors, to cut some swept bangs for me. So now I am sporting a new look! My hair is still long, the shoulder length part hasn’t happened yet, and might not, but the bangs? They are cut and being shown off! Photos to come in FB.


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