Miami: First Week

So far, during my first week of this Miami vacation (hiatus or far away from home, whatever-I-decide-to-call-it time) I have done a few things. Randomly presented:

  • Seen season 1 of Suits, as a full day marathon (highly recommend it).
  • Read Baby Proof by Emily Griffin, in a day and a half. Nice, easy read with an inspiring message of really going for what you believe is true love, even if that means changing or sacrificing what you want, or don’t want, the most.
  • Gone to Bayside Marketplace to listen to Latin music and see people dance by the water. Contagious!
  • Gone to the Miami Science Museum and Planetarium. Fun times for kids, Sophie really liked it and I learned a thing or two.
  • Gone to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. Beautiful, definitely the highlight thus far.
  • Managed to walk/exercise a few times (the goal is 3-4 times a week).
  • Lounged around, and in, my parents’ pool.
  • Had a delicious, finger licking, BBQ.
  • Seen the fireworks around Bayfront Park.
  • Eaten delicious Venezuelan food: tequeños, kolita, arepas, diablito, pabellón…. Mmmm.
  • Eaten out a few times (at Sophie’s favorite Chinese restaurant, my favorite fish place, and Five Guys).
  • Visited my aunt and cousin.
  • Held a tarot session for my parents.
  • Had a much needed cuban mani/pedi (Caribbean mani/pedis are the best kind you can get in this country, I have proof).
  • Done a little bit of shopping (much needed PJs, a cocktail ring I feel in love with, a lipstick and some no crease hair elastics I had been wanting to get, and some things from Target’s FEED campaign to contribute with the Feed America cause).
  • Started a new blog on Tumblr in which I will make an attempt at fiction writing.

I also took care of some work/student related emails and follow up, scheduled a handyman work session for when I get back, and paid some bills online, because real life continues even though we are on vacation.

But, not bad for a leisurely week and a half, huh?


2 responses to “Miami: First Week

  1. Sounds wonderful!!
    Would love to have a holiday right now.

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