Random Friday

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. I woke up early to move my car because of a scheduled street cleaning, and got back right to work. I needed to send an abstract of a paper to participate in a panel about spirituality in a conference to be held in Illinois in October. The submission was due the following day and the panel organizer needed to compile everyone’s abstract and send it in, so I needed to get on it. The last minute thing isn’t what was weird though, if you know me, you know I’m a procrastinator. The weird part was that as soon as I sat down to compose it I started writing right away, just like that, go Jen! I reviewed a bit of my data and then started writing the actual paper. I realized I needed to stop and refocus and write the abstract which is what was due and not the paper, but the muse was with me, and since it hadn’t been with me in quite a while, I enjoyed the thrilled of flowing with words and ideas, and writing away.

I quickly realized I needed to get on it, showered, dressed and out the door, if I wanted to make it to a work related lunch I had down town. So I was rushing a bit, out the front door when I spotted two ladies coming up the stairs. They walked over to my neighbor’s door and wondered out load if it was the third floor, to which I informed them that no, it was actually the second floor and they had one more floor to go. They hauled up, while I stayed put trying to figure out which apartment they were here to see. They knocked on my upstairs neighbor’s door and their cleaning lady (whom I had been hearing all morning) opened the door and told them no one was home. They asked if that was the apartment for rent and explained they had an appointment to show the place. I was completely surprised, I had no idea my upstairs neighbors were moving and renting out their place! I immediately thought: the kid is moving out! And quickly hopped the new tenants wouldn’t have children. Is that terrible? I was actually sort of sad to have my neighbors leave, as noisy as they are, we sort of know them now, and to start over with a new family is kind of a pain… can you tell I don’t like change? Or at least, I have had enough of it to last me a life time and would want things to stay put for a while now, please? Yes? Pretty please?

Anyhow, as I walked out to my car, I heard “Now here I go” and then a thud. I looked up and an older lady had fallen to the ground. As in, flat on her stomach, on the ground. I rushed over to try to help her up, she was too heavy for me to lift, so she asked me to hold on to her dog, while she tried to get up on her own. Another lady came by, she was bigger than me, so she thought she might be able to help her. Nothing. The lady on the floor was definitely too heavy. But then a man stopped and while I held the dog, him and the other woman helped her up. Voila, she was standing again. In the mean time two other elderly people had come by to ask what had happened and to profusely thank all of us for helping her. I guess they thought “I could be next!”. Damn, I could be next! One never knows.

I hurried down town and made it to lunch, a little on the late side, yet still ok. After lunch I ran a few errands, the shopping, returning, and stocking up on supplies kind. And then headed home, not before I read some feedback from students I have been supervising this term. Two were great, one not too much. And then, what otherwise had been a rather good day, good deed in and all, turned into a very pissed-off at an ungrateful and unfair (what she’s complaining about is not so) assessment of me in regards to this student’s supervision.

But I am now choosing to let it go. Karma is a bitch and she will take care of all of my ungrateful students. I receive a daily inspiring quote, and today this was it:

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” ― Henry David Thoreau.

So appropriate as to where some of my students are, getting a degree not knowing that learning is why they are here, what truly matters, the rest, well the rest will be irrelevant once a few years have passed. This I know from experience.

So that was my random Friday, muse, good deed, work lunch, errands, and pissed-off. A weird, yet kind of normal day, wouldn’t you say?


2 responses to “Random Friday

  1. OMG, but other then the last bit it sounds good to me.
    Alone the thought of not having to go to the office every day would be wonderful for me.
    Leavig the driving, work a bit from home, do my errands, have lunch out of the house, sounds like heaven. 🙂

    • I know, working from home does have it’s perks. I’m trying to get myself to complain less and focus more on the positives of my job (which there are quite a few), but the students and their issues get to me every quarter.

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