This weekend

Mike left today for a conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I am home with both the boys, who as I type, are driving me nuts because they won’t stop barking. They have set camp in the living room, alternating doors to bark at. They think Mike is coming back any minute now, and each noise they hear at the other side of each door triggers their loud excitement. I had to pick them up, bring them to the bedroom, and close the door… it was the only way they were going to let me hear the Tony’s on TV. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching TV and not being able to listen to it, especially when it’s the Tony’s.

Are you watching the Tony’s? My God, they are amazing this year. That Niel Patrick Harris is incredible. Talk about an opening act! And the shows? Fantastic! There are so many plays and musicals I need to see. When I lived in NYC I went frequently to the theater. My sister was my theater buddy. I don’t have one of those in Chicago. Plus, as a student I used to get discounts and offers sent my way, so there was that incentive too. Ah, Broadway. Ah, NY. I miss you so.

This weekend the summer fairs began in Chicago. It didn’t quite feel like summer, since it was 55F, but still we ventured to the art fair and so did everyone else in this 2.5 million inhabitants city. We met up with Mike’s sister, brother, sister-in-law and itty-bitty-niece, and walked though the very crowded fair. I fell in love with 3 different pieces, which I’m still dreaming about. But I don’t have 2-3 grand to spear right now, so they stayed with their original owners.

There are tons of events scheduled for the summer in Chicago. I used to love summers in NY because there was always something fun to do, so the overbearing heat was made a little more bearable. Chicago is similar, both regarding activities and heat. Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st, according to the calendar, but we all know it can snow in Chicago at any given random time, so don’t hold your breath. I do have the AC on tonight, so there’s always that.

On our very early walk with the boys this morning (there’s no sleep for the wicked… or is it for the dog owner?), we discovered a farmers market in Rogers Park. It’s open on Sunday’s from 8 to 3pm. So now we know. And so do you, if you didn’t. Rogers Park has this artsy/granola bar/tree-hugging area in which there are a few small theaters and a health conscious restaurant, which seem to have been around for a few decades now. That’s the area where the market sets post on Sundays, just in case you’re near by and interested.

So there you have it, my weekend randomness. I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging more frequently, and thought if I kept waiting for major topics to write, I just wouldn’t. So bare with me as I use daily occurrences to get back into blogging mode. Hope your weekend was great, and it was filled with outings, walks, art, and lots of barking, as mine was.


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