The time Max bit Mike

It’s a little past midnight, I’m fast asleep, been asleep for a while now actually, when I’m woken up to “he got me, he got me good this time!” And there was blood, a lot of blood, on the bed, all over the bathroom sink and counter top, all coming from Mike’s face, his lip to be exact.

“Let me see. What happened?”

“I think I need stitches. I think you need to take me to the ER.”

“Let me see. Yep, get dressed. We’re going to the hospital. Max, what the hell?”

Max is then roughed up by a very pissed Mike, while we get dressed and off we go, half asleep, and still slightly buzzed from the margaritas we had for dinner (it was Friday night after all). Three hours later, after seeing 4 nurses and 1 doctor (talk about bureaucracy) and finally getting the 9 stitches needed, we are off home, with a prescription for antibiotics and neosporin.

Mike’s lip is swollen and bruised. His scabs are slowly forming and falling off. He looks worse than it is. Advil is helping with any remanence of pain and with the inflammation. He’ll go to his regular doctor tomorrow and get the stitches removed by the end of the week. It wasn’t so bad after all, yet still he got bit by one of his own dogs. What would have happened if Max had gotten him in the eye? It’s quite disturbing if we think about the possibilities.

Max is in the dog house. It’s a good thing he’s so darn cute, if not he would have been driven to the pound the very next day. Mike doesn’t believe in getting rid of his dogs, even if he does end up in the emergency room. But it’s no secret Max has issues, psychological issues, and we need to figure out how to deal with them. Specifically, he gets crazy possessive, and the sweet loving cutesy he is in the mornings, is an angry, aggressive little devil at night when he either gets a hold of something he claims as his own and fears someone will take away from him (e.g., a toy, a bone, or me, when he’s cuddle up to me in bed). So he growls, shows his teeth, and if someone gets close enough, he’ll bite.

I’ve read about crating and how that helps confine dogs and provide a sense of security for them, sort of like swaddling a new born. We have a crate and I think it’s time we began using it. Max won’t like it one bit, but something needs to be done. Mike doesn’t like the idea, will we crate Max and not Charlie? Will we crate them both although Charlie doesn’t really need it? If you have any insights, please share and help us out here. I’m really not sure what to do with Max, but I know something needs to be done, soon.


2 responses to “The time Max bit Mike

  1. I would look into having a trainer make a plan with you. Fear biting is not uncommon, and from the sounds of it, Max is calling the shots. Pretty normal for a dog in fear. I think you are on the right track with the crate training, but a good trainer can give you tools to use in every instance. Part of that may be just getting the dog to know where he stands, which sounds woo woo but is so true. I have one dog that sleeps in a crate and one that sleeps on the bed. Just how it is. They like and need structure, no matter what it is. You guys sound like great dog owners so I know you can find a peaceful place with him.

    • Thank you Leslie for your comment. I hired a trainer back when I first got Max over a year and half ago, and he help me gained some strategies as to walking him without letting him try to take other dog’s heads off. He still is very aggressive with other dogs while on the leash, but it has improved. I don’t really know where the night aggression thing comes from, or what triggers it. It might be, as you say, he is in fear and lashes out. He quickly realizes when he does, that we don’t like it, and seems sincerely sorry by the look on his face, but he continues to do it. I will keep investigating. For now, I need to convince Mike to crate him at nights… I think I might need to bring him back home to live with me again, since he has been staying at Mike’s during the weeks since November. Mike and I live over an hour apart, so we spend the weekends together, but during the week we are each at our own homes, and since I moved to new condo, Max has been staying with them during the week. He seems to have transitioned well, but I know Mike won’t crate him on his own and Max seems to need it, so I might need to be the stern parent in this scenario 😦

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