After Spring “Break”

Spring Break came and went, and I was truly exhausted afterward. I worked every day, even on Easter Sunday, to get everything done in time. The first week of the Spring quarter started and I was tired and still feeling like I was trying to catch up and a bit behind schedule. It was crazy! I really hope next year I can organize myself better and not have to be scrambling during this time of year. Maybe I will even be able to spend it Miami, as I had initially planned this year.

On week 2 of this term, a couple weeks ago, the Venezuela elections were to take place, so even though I had several meetings on Friday and then class on Monday night, I bought my tickets and off I went to NYC (I’m still registered in NY) for the weekend, to be able to vote on Sunday April 14th. This time Mike was able to come with me. He had never been to NYC so it was a treat that his first time there was with me, and I could show him my favorites places and take him around my home town.

We didn’t win the election, or better said, the Chavistas once again committed fraud and stole the elections form us. We are still in the process of having the votes recounted and having the whole thing reversed, but they are many and hold all the powers in Venezuela, and will not let go of the banana (soltar el cambur) that easily. So the fight continues, and we pray that God has mercy and justice is able to surface, because it has been 14 years, it’s enough already.

Mike liked NY. We didn’t get to see or do half the things I had on an initial list I made before going. We strolled my old neighborhood and spend some time in the UES. We went to midtown, east and west, the UWS and of course Central Park. We went to my favorite bakeries and ate bagels and pizza, but the one thing we did, that I know was Mike’s favorite, was go to the Yankee Stadium and watch a game. The Yankees lost, but the game was good and the seats were incredible. It was an awesome experience, and I’m glad I got to share it with Mike, and Cas and Soph, who also came with us.

I miss NYC. A couple days after returning, on Tuesday afternoon, I was posting my photos to FB and for a fraction of a second thought I was still there. When I realized I wasn’t, this overwhelming sadness covered me completely. I so wish I was still living there, being able to take it for granted because I could just soak it all in whenever I wanted. But I didn’t have any time to entertain the sadness, so as soon as it hit I thought “what can I do to get rid of it?” and the immediate response was to spend time with my boys. I didn’t give it a second thought, I packed a bag and put in the trunk of my car, and that night after class, I headed out to the suburbs instead of driving home, and got to spend an unexpected Tuesday night out in Minooka with my three boys. They were so surprised, and I was so happy I went to be pampered. Love those guys!

So here we are back in the swing of things, rolling on week 4 of the term with enormous wishes for it to be June already! But alas, Spring is finally here (hopefully to stay) after all the rain and floods we’ve had last week. So there is always that, a sunny day will always make anything better.


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