Spring Break

Spring Break starts today. Holy Week, or Semana Santa began last Friday in Venezuela and everyone is at the beach. My sister and her kids, who have off from school, are in Miami basking in the pool, sun, and sea. My students are all mainly resting and taking it easy, either at home or somewhere warm and nice. I on the other hand, am here swamped with work and covered in cold weather and snow (!). Spring is nowhere to be seem in Chicago. And a break? Well, what break? Break from teaching maybe, but not from work.

This week will be spent grading student’s work and posting grades. Preparing syllabi and courses (I’m teaching two next term) for next Monday when everything begins again. Scheduling student teacher’s visits and observations for next week. And preparing my 3rd year review which is due the 30th of March. Oh, and ambitious me, would like to do my taxes as well.

If you are actually having Spring where you are, or are on a true break, I hope it’s wonderful. And do me a favor, enjoy it for both us, will ya? Because I won’t have a break until the end of June, and even then I will have to refocus my energy and start writing that book I need to have done by November. It never ends people, it never ends. But here’s hoping Spring does actually come sometime in April and does not leave us waiting until May.


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